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Finally going to finish round 3!


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I just spent 2 years trying to get back into my failed attempt at my 3rd whole 30 and I think this time it's finally going to stick. I read food freedom, and then the night before I planned to start my reset both my children and my husband came down with norovirus and were sick all night. I used the lack of appetite from sleep deprivation and gross cleaning to my advantage to make it through those first few days when I'm usually ravenous. Got to tiger blood by day 3 this time and am now on day 5 and feel optimistic about making it this time around. 

I'm seeing now that it's not about success or failure but about learning. I learned last night that white potatoes may be compliant, but the blood sugar spike doesn't work for me and messes up my sleep. I've learned that eating copious amounts of avocado makes me feel great, because I am not a huge fan of fatty meats and would always get too hungry. Being off all the other food has made me realize that there are some foods I can't even eat occasionally and socially without messing up my hormones, so I'm just going to have to stop eating them (If I were to go to an Indian restaurant post W30 I would be fine to eat a meat dish with dairy in it but not a side of rice and I'm okay with that). I am dreaming of pizza and sandwiches and burgers with buns, but when I thought about why I only like hamburgers with buns, it's because they mask the taste of the ground meat. If I were to eat a grilled chicken 'burger' without a bun I would be fine with it, because I like the taste of the meat. 

I think something is finally clicking with me and I'm getting closer to food freedom with this reset. 

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