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Committed! Whole30 for Life


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This is day 30 and I can't believe I've done this for 30 days. I was a gigantic sugar-holic and have even given up diet coke. I now don't crave sugar that often but never crave diet coke, which is amazing! 1-2 a day is all I had but I HAD to have it.  Most of my weight gain is in my belly and the back of my arms. I was a bit disappointed on day 29 when I weighed to find I had lost only 4.8lbs however,  I am trying to stay positive because friends at work tell me "you're getting so skinny." (not really my goal, but nice to hear others notice). I think I wasn't paying attention to my portion sizes until about halfway through the month.  Here's a shoutout to the Whole30 Cookbook and Pinterest! 

My goal was to reduce stress in order to lose this newly acquired menopause belly. I've always been thin around my waist and the shock of gaining in this area has been so hard for my self-esteem. I've made conscious efforts to not stress at work. I've actually taken on much more responsibility but in an area I feel I excel so it's not as stressful.  Plus, this allows me to work in a less stimulating place in my building. I think my strategies are working! My clothes are definitely more loose, wearing pants that have not been worn in a year or two. I'm trying to this as a sign that Whole30 is working for me.  I plan to stay on Whole30 for life.  

It's been a positive change to eat clean and the best part is.....it's not been too hard for me. I already ate high protein because I have a diagnosis of celiac disease; I only had to tweek my diet a little to make this compliant.  

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