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Starting to log it!


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Today is my 16th day and I'm just now figuring out this forum thing! Today I have eaten clean all day but I have not done well. For breakfast I had 5 or 6 mini carrots and a handful of almonds and some water. For lunch I had shrimp fajitas with 12 shrimp some grilled onions and some bell pepper, and guacamole with unsweet tea. For dinner I've had a sliced sweet potato baked in olive oil with salt and cinnamon. I've had tea as well. I had some apple too. I'm not super hungry today but I will keep trying. One thing I'm loving about this Whole30 is I am aware of when I'm full and the fact that I don't have to eat junk to fill me up! Jicama is a new found fav as well as cauliflower rice! 

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