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Another irregular cycle here


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Hi everybody,

I've been 80/20 paleo for the past year. My whole life I've had a fairly regular cycle. It would come once a month, sometimes early, sometimes late, but never more than a couple of days off.

For the first time in my life, my body has skipped its period.

I am 19 years old, 5'10, healthy body weight. My period was meant to come immediately after I finished my first whole30.

Well, finished the whole 30. Pigged out for a few days. No period. It's been 3 weeks since it was expected, 7 weeks in total since I last had one.

I'm confused because I've never missed a period before, no matter how badly I was eating, how stressed I was, how sedentary I acted. Then, after my first whole 30, lots of low intensity activity and no stress, it disappears!

Also, I'm not pregnant. I checked (twice).

Can anybody explain this? I'll get back to you in a week if I miss a second one... then I'll actually be really concerned.

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Also, some extra details.

I eat lots of good fats, cook everything in coconut oil, dress everything in olive oil, etc.

I am not carb restricting, I eat plenty of sweet potato, squash, fruit

I walk my dog most days, rock climb some days and crossfit when the mood takes me.

Not particularly stressed.

I did recently start eating bone broths, saeurkraut and kefir though.

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I understand that you are not stressed from your lifestyle (which is awesome by the way), but don't underestimate the stress your body went through by "going off the reservation" post whole 30. Foods I used to be able to eat all the time with no ill effects pre-whole30 will literally keep me in bed the whole next day now. After eating so clean, introducing less than optimal food choices can create a bigger stress on your body.

It's entirely possible, and this has happened to me before, where right before I was supposed to start, I had a ridiculously stressful week coupled with some poor food choices. I completely missed my period. The following month, I started on time, but it lasted 2 days longer. My personal theory is that it lasted longer b/c I had build up from the prior cycle that was never released.

I wouldn't be too worried about missing this first one. Keep us updated on your next cycle. Is it on time? early? late? Is it heavier or longer than normal?

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Just wanted to say that I also missed a period after my first Whole30. I am technically underweight by about 15 lbs (from a doctors perspective) but this weight is pretty normal for me and I only lost about 3lbs on my whole30.

My second cycle was about 2 weeks late and I'm waiting to see what this next one will be. I'm really not too worried about it as long as I keep having them, lol! It makes sense to me that my hormones would be adjusting based on the drastic changes in my diet.

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You need to supplement iodine. This happened to me from just going Paleo...not completely as strict as Whole 30, which scared me so bad cause we were getting ready to start our family. I went on fertility meds for a few months and finally narrowed it down to an iodine deficiency from cutting out all the processed food I had eaten my whole life. I now supplement with Optimax Iodoral, which can be gotten on Amazon. I started with 1/4 tablet with 200mcg of Selenium daily for about two to three weeks. Once you feel okay, bump it to a half tablet then finally a whole tablet. Within a month, my cycle resumed and now I'm pregnant. :)

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Iodine deficiency leads to hypothyroid (low thyroid), which can upset the entire hormonal feedback loop. You don't really have to supplement per se with iodine...good ol' iodized sea salt or table salt sprinkled on a meal is sufficient. Contrary to the "lower your salt intake!" advice we've heard for the past decade or so, this isn't necessarily good advice for someone eating very clean, whole, and unprocessed as these foods are naturally low in sodium. Robb Wolfe has written about this as have others in the paleo type community.

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