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Melinda's Whole30


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Today I started my Whole30! 

I actually woke up feeling yucky and have had a hard time getting back up to speed. I woke up with a headache and then I was very nauseous all day. I don't think it is possible that it is from the Whole30 because I literally just started today and the meals that I had are meals that I've had in the past. For breakfast I had a hash of potatoes, red & green bell peppers, onions and Pederson's bacon. I also had a fried egg topped with Frank's Red Hot Sauce - yum!

The nausea was super intense so I snacked for lunch. I had an apple and almond butter and some herbal tea. 

For dinner I made spaghetti squash and meat sauce from scratch. I'm going to have two more cups of tea but I feel like the tomato sauce is actually helping my stomach more than the ginger tea so I'm going to try to have some more of that. It is weird, so many of the home remedies I saw for nausea include a bunch of sugar. I wonder if sugar actually helps somehow. *sigh* too bad. 

Either way, Day 1 is done!


Forward, Always.

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Okay, Day 2 and I'm starting to notice some things! 


  1. I'm struggling to eat a good lunch. It is mostly because I end up waking up later because I've been staying up later and so I might not eat breakfast until 10:30-11:00 AM. I really want to fix this. Instead I find myself eating a "brunch", snacking on veggies or fruit and then dinner. I do find myself worrying a little bit about what I'm going to eat the next day and if I'll be able to find something compliant. I'm working on it. 
  2. I was SO hungry today. It really kicked in this afternoon. Ciara was super hungry too. At first, I'd be like, ravenous and then I'd finally eat a few bites and be done. Not "full" like "my stomach feels full" but just, I guess, mentally done with eating. But then, like 30 minutes later I'd be back ravenous again. 
  3. I WANT SOMETHING SWEET! SO BADLY. It is the weirdest thing because I don't consider myself a "sweets" person. AT. ALL. But I found myself thinking "I've GOT to have something with just a little bit of sweetness" today which is a thought I've never really had before. I limited myself to a couple of flaxseed, sesame seed date "cookies" once I realized what was going on. I kept eyeing the fruit juice but just sipped my water instead. 
  4. I'm getting hot flashes. To the point that I'm sweating at night and it is ruining my hair! I'm not sure if this is due to the Whole30 or the new birth control I just started last week. Up until now, I've had no symptoms with the Pill. 


This is all *so* bizarre for me. I feel like it all *has* to be in my mind because it is only day 2 and the meals that I've eaten so far have been meals that I've made for us in the past. I guess, sans sugar, though. I normally would've put a pinch in my spaghetti sauce to balance the acidity. I was also a little irritable today but of course, I feel like that was within reason for what happened :). Oh, and now that I'm thinking of it, I was in a bit of a brain fog, too. I felt a bit unfocused at work and on the way to and home from Ciara's mom's house (a route I know by heart backward and forward) I missed a turn TWICE. Really weird. Maybe it *is* the sugar. 

Today, I had leftovers from dinner which was Spaghetti on Spaghetti Squash (I actually had two small servings), I snacked on those flaxseed "cookies", a veggie tray and the homemade ranch dressing (which came out watery, boo). I had SO much water. And for dinner I made a baked Mediterranean Cod with onion, olives, and tomatoes. I roasted some sweet potato dusted with chili pepper, garlic and onion powders and sautéed up some Swiss chard. Ciara was SUPER hungry, I think she went into a food daze after we ate. She said she was "so happy" and then fell asleep, lol. 

Whole30 Day 2 is in the books!

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Day 3 is done!

I woke up and I was SUPER tired this morning. After fighting that sugar craving all night last night, I can see why. I wasn't falling asleep at my desk but I was definitely yearning for a nap or two. Because I was so tired and not hungry at all and I had to get to a meeting, I skipped breakfast. 

By the time my meeting was over, my mouth was literally watering! I was going to go to RedRobin to get a lettuce burger but then I knew I'd want fries and I hadn't made any yet and it was gonna take a long time so I just went home. I ended up having some leftovers (spaghetti again, am I the only one eating this stuff? It is lasting for like, ever!) I also had two Whole30 Compliant hot dogs and some home fries I had prepped for breakfasts. I popped them in the oven with some salt, pepper and paprika. I had mustard on my hotdogs and compliant hot sauce on my fries. Now that I think of it, that mustard would've been good on my fries. Hmm, missed opportunity. 

For dinner, I made the BEST dish! It was this Mango Chicken with Coconut Cauliflower "Rice" from the FoodFaithFitness blog. It. Was. SO. GOOD! Ciara kept saying how perfect it was and that it was in my top 5 best dishes! 

I'm finding that I can eat less now. Maybe more frequently but I'll eat some food (about 1/2 of what I regularly put on my plate) and then feel like I don't want to eat anymore about 1/2 way through. I don't feel "full" like my stomach is full but I just don't want to eat anymore. 

I have some energy now. I should also probably mention that my sleep pattern has been jacked up recently. Last night I went to watch T.V after dinner, it couldn't have been any later than 10pm and woke up 4 hours later! I don't even remember going to sleep! So then I woke up to write my log and clear the dishes and then went to bed after watching about 20 minutes of a nature show. So I could've been extra sleepy because I had such a wacked out sleep pattern the night before. But it was a feeling of just being in slow motion. I wasn't miserable at all, I was just sloth-like, but happy. 

Oh well. I'll probably spends some time thinking about what to have for breakfast in the morning. I want to do an omelette but I'm worried it'll be dry or less flavorful without the cheese. I might just stick to bacon and eggs and potatoes. OH and I HAVE to make my own compliant ketchup and BBQ sauce soon. I'm really missing that on eggs and potatoes. I'll try to make some fry shaped potatoes when I prep this weekend for next week, too. 

Day 3 is done and I'm feeling pretty good! 

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Yesterday was day 4 and it was an interesting day. 

I woke up with lots of energy and I was feeling super light! By the end of the day, though, I was irritated. I tried making the Kalua pork everyone raves about but I only had pork loin. It came out very tender, it just didn't have much flavor. I used extra bacon, too. I guess it'll make a good base for future foods. I'll shred it up and freeze a couple batches. 

I'm really wishing I had done this entry last night because I can't remember everything I wanted to say. 

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