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Whole30 Success - Blood Test tells the story


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I'm mostly proud that I stuck to the plan with no cheats or slip-ups that I am aware of. Ready for the reintroduction phase for sure.

Here are my blood test results. My company requires us to do a "hidden health risk screening" every year so I have a history to show the improvements made this January over other years. I never have considered myself to be out of shape but can definitely acknowledge that my diet wasn't great before. 

Blood Test:

Note that this test was taken roughly 3 weeks into the whole30 program.

Significant improvements observed with Triglycerides and Cholesterol. Of note is that my good cholesterol actually went down. I think that is because of the lack of grains and legumes but I'm not sure. Also, glucose went up even though sugar was completely cut out. Only thing I can think is that some of the foods that were cut out may be responsible for helping to produce more insulin. Without those foods in my diet, maybe that is why glucose went up. Any thoughts?

Weight - before whole30 - 197, after whole30 182. Loss of 15lbs.

I didn't feel as many of the benefits of improved energy levels as I hoped. I was also suffering from dizziness and vertigo. We were trying to rule out food allergies but unfortunately whole30 didn't seem to help that for me.

  Jan-2015 Jan-2016 Nov-2016 Jan-2017 Target Range
Triglycerides 102 116 139 88 0-149
Blood Pressure 106/64 120/78   110/70  
Glucose 92 94 82 100 65-99
Total Cholesterol     197 164 125-199
LDL Cholesterol (bad cholesterol)     124 109 <130
HDL Cholesterol (good cholesterol) 47 46 45 37 >39
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