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Day 30 - What I have Learned


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Today is day 30.  I can't believe my husband and I both made it to the finish line.

It wasn't perfect but it was still a drastic change from our old lifestyle.

1. I had been using food to comfort myself and reward myself.  I knew this before but the habit stands out when you can't eat comfort food anymore.  I have learned new ways to reward and comfort myself besides food.  That is a huge win.

2. I can wait out cravings...even super intense cravings.  Its difficult but not impossible.  I also learned that if healthy food doesn't sound good then I am not really hungry.  I'm just looking to soothe myself.

3. I discovered new healthy food and some great recipes and am excited to keep on exploring.

4. I lost 15 pounds!  Not surprising since I was eating a lot of sugar and junk food before the Whole 30.

5. My energy levels are much higher throughout the day, which I needed to plan and cook meals!  

6. My teenage daughter decided to become a vegetarian while we were on the diet.  A perfect storm of some new information she received through an environmental science class she is taking and our meat heavy diet.  I just thought this was ironic and funny.  I am ready for some vegetarian meals myself with some alternative proteins.  

7. Homemade mayo is gross.  Don't believe people who say it is awesome.  Unless you are willing to spend hours drizzling oil into eggs its not worth the effort.  Spend the money to buy good mayo.  It is worth every penny.

8. Don't waste money on Whole30 compliant bacon.  Just give bacon up.  It is an unhealthy food no matter how you slice it and it's not worth the cost.

My 2 cents.




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