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Started January 20, 2017


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Hi Everyone,

Glad to had discovered this forum! On day 12 and have been feeling pretty good. Had all ready been following a mostly Paleo diet and don't eat gluten or dairy, so it wasn't too rough a transition. My issue is sugar and Candida overgrowth, and leaky gut syndrome. I though this would be a good way to end the sugar cravings and give my gut a chance to heal. I have been working with a nutritionist and she approved of this diet! i am better on all counts, though I have discovered that Caulifower is not my friend, and perhaps Broccoli, too!

I love the energy I have and am sleeping more soundly. Also feel more joyful and less stressed.  The effect food has on our systems is so amazing. Our society has gotten so far away from what real, healthy food is, and we are so screwed up because of it, really eye opening.... And we have such emotional attachment to what we "like" or feel compelled to eat. I've been amazed at how I eat upsets other people, "What do you mean you don't eat bread/milk/cheese, I could never do that!"

What do you do when you get invited to someone's house (that you don't know very well) for dinner during your Whole 30?

Thanks!! Have a great day!

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