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I'm planning on doing another Whole30 in the next week or so.  I feel that I struggle with appropriate meal portions and have recently started taking a fat-burning, muscle preserving supplement called Vintage Burn by Old School Labs.  I feel that this has helped a little with appetite control and has given me a little more energy, especially for workouts.  It is pill form and the ingredients contain; green tea leaf extract, green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones(?), olive leaf extract, caffeine, bacopa leaf extract, garcina fruit extract, chrysin, forskohli root extract, in a vegetable capusle, other ingredient listed is vegetable stearate.  I know this would probably be discouraged but would this supplement be compliant during whole30?  

Thank you!

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There are many other Whole 30 threads about fat burning supplements but here's 3 that answer a similar question.  Google Whole 30 Fat Burning supplements for further advice. 

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From @MeadowLily's first link:

4. Does the label focus on aesthetic changes? Products that are designed with the primary purpose of slimming/leaning/trimming you out miss the forest for the trees, often in a dangerous way. Most of these “slim” pills, powders and shakes contain ingredients that could be harmful to your health, like stimulants and diuretics. And all of these supplements are asking you to focus on what’s in the mirror instead of long-term, sustainable health and body composition. Let’s face it – if you lose a few pounds by taking a pill without effectively changing your eating habits, how likely are you to actually stay at that weight?

I don't think anyone's going to give you the answer you're looking for.

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