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I did this in Jan, Got a kidney stone


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Not impressed with this "plan" at all.

Did whole30 the month of January. Besides being completely miserable and depressed the entire month, I now have a kidney stone. 

I looked at what causes kidney stones and found: foods high in oxalates. Foods high in oxalates include such things as cabbage, sweet potatoes, raspberries, almonds and dates.  Those are things I ate in high quantity this past month and I thought I was being so "healthy" because I was eating all this miracle "whole" food. 

Never again will I follow someone's "miracle" cure all plan. 

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Im sorry that you're feeling this way.

No where does the Whole30 purport to be a miracle or a cure all plan... does eating whole foods impact your body in a better way than packaged, processed and manufactured food?  Yes.  All the time yes.  If you have a specific sensitivity to something like oxalates, that's something we can't possibly have known, however we are always here to help people tweak their meals or trouble shoot.

That said, if you are interested in troubleshooting, go ahead and list what you ate for a few typical days of Whole30 including portion sizes and we can see why you may have been miserable the entire time.

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