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2nd attempt


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Hello, my name's Gail, I am 35 years old, and hoping to start a family next year. As such I really want to spend the next few months getting my body in the best shape/healthiest it can be. I started doing a whole 30 back in September. I stuck to it for around two weeks, I felt great, my skin was glowing, and my energy levels were brilliant. However, I came unstuck on holiday, where one thing lead to another and I was drinking and eating potatoes regularly. I have an under active thyroid, so I avoid gluten already. So this is not an issue. I am determined to stick to this program this time. I am fine on leaving out dairy, soy, legumes and gluten, but my weaknesses are white potatoes and the occasional alcoholic drink. Anyway, wish me luck, and I send it back to all of you. :)

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