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Sugar Reintroduction - Recipe Ideas

Leigh T

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I'm looking for ideas on how to incorporate added sugar as a separate reintroduction day. I'm looking to do more than just adding a little honey to my tea. Does anyone know any recipes that incorporate things like brown sugar, agave, or honey into whole30 compliant meals? I've been trying to look for ideas, and the only one I've got is roasted acorn squash with (clarified) butter and brown sugar, but my boyfriend (also doing the whole30) does not like that meal. Any ideas?


More details on why I'm doing an added sugar reintroduction:

Today is my day 30 (Yay! And to my knowledge I never broke the rules!) and I'm slowly going about the process of planning for my reintroduction. I have some pretty severe gut issues, so I'm not in any hurry to start my reintroduction, but I will want to test every possible substance that I consume to see what might affect my stomach.

I've been reading up on differing opinions regarding the option of reintroducing sugar. From what I've read, I have decided I would like to reintroduce sugar. Besides the gut issues, before I started my Whole30 I would get horrible food cravings for things like cake, brownies, cookies, etc. (I'm sure many of you know what I mean!) I definitely felt controlled by my cravings. If there were snacks at work, I would repeatedly make trips to the teacher's lounge to steal more and more snacks in a day. My mother also bakes these ridiculously awesome cakes and elegant desserts for fun and for friends, and I enjoy helping her a lot, but that means that I end up eating a lot of sugar as "quality control" of the scraps and icings... so delicious! And so bad for me. But I'd like to test sugar by itself to see how much of my negative feelings might be the sugar itself as opposed to the other ingredients.

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