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Cramps, headache, PMS symptoms?!


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Hi all. I'm on day 24. I was feeling good, until about 2ish days ago when I started to get PMS like symptoms. This is a little odd for me - I have an IUD, so I get symptoms like this maybe 1-2 times a year and occasional spotting. I've been spotting for about a week, and now I'm getting crampy, achy, mildly bitchy, etc. - and it's worse than "normal".

I found another article that said sometimes too many nuts or caffeine can cause this. I'm 44, so I'm not sure if this is premenopausal crap, hormones balancing, or I'm having a reaction to food or something. I did eat nuts twice yesterday (brain farted), a few times a week I'll spread cashew butter on apple chunks, but I try not to overdo it.

Any input would be appreciated - especially if you have an IUD. Thanks in advance. 

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18 hours ago, JGlee said:

hormones balancing


The IUD is a type of hormonal birth control. This way of eating is designed to re-balance hormones, and so the two are at play here - it's not uncommon for women on BC to experience some irregularity in their cycle during the 30 days.

For the cravings increase your fat & starchy veg, and don't be afraid to eat more than you have been in general if you feel the need.

It will all settle down eventually.

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I have been eating at least a handful of sweet potatoes 1-2 meals a day (usually I roast them in bulk so they're ready to go). Sweet potatoes, a handful of spinach and two eggs all scrambled together is my easy breakfast go to. 

Thanks for the info. I planned on going past 30 anyway - maybe 40 before reintroducing things. I'm going to ride this out before I bring foods back in so I don't mistake these issues with issues that may be brought on by reintroducing foods. 

Any idea on how long this may take?

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1 hour ago, JGlee said:

Any idea on how long this may take?

Unfortunately not.

Everyone comes into this from a different starting point, with varying degrees of health, so it's impossible to suggest a time-frame. I imagine it should have settled down by your next cycle, but that is just me making assumptions - only your body knows what work it needs to do, and you're doing what you can to help that process so you're on the right track.

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