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Post workout breakfast feedback


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I'd love some feedback on my post workout  breakfast. Eating, even snacking pre workout isn't a practical option - I'm up at 5, running or gyming by 10 past, and working out just after eating (anything) and I puke.

So trying to make the most of my post workout breakfast-

Photo attached- 

-breakfast sausage patties

-1/2 avocado 


-2 spoonfuls almond butter

-sweet potato "toast" (1/2 small sweet potato)


Is that too much carbs? Not enough protein? I feel it should have more in the way of veg,  but I'm struggling with veg first thing in the morning. 




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What's your schedule postWO? You want to be having a post WO meal of lean protein & starchy carb only, and then following that up a little later with a template breakfast. The fat in this meal will slow down absorption of the nutrients preventing muscle protein synthesis, hence the need for a separate postWO meal...

I eat a postWO meal at the gym before I shower, then I have breakfast 45/60mins later when I'm at my office.

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