First timer starting 2/6 looking for advice!


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This is going to be my very first Whole30 attempt! I'm very nervous to start something like this, but excited for a healthier lifestyle and more of an awareness of what I'm going to be eating. Giving myself the rest of the week to prep, and get those final indulgences during Super Bowl Sunday! I'm hoping to get some advice from people who have done this before/people currently participating. What was something you wish you knew more going into the program? Will I be able to continue working out regularly? What was the hardest thing for you to give up? Looking forward to this new experience! 

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Congrats on planning for your first attempt. My wife and I just finished a Whole30 (think it was our fifth or sixth one) and it definitely gets easier and more enjoyable each time we do it. To answer your questions:

1) I wish I had known that the first 5 days or so are typically up and down...feel on top of the world one day, question whether you can do this on another, etc. As long as you expect the ups and downs, you can take those initials days in stride and just focus on taking everything step by step.

2) You can definitely continue to work out regularly, but remember to give yourself some extra protein and/or good carbs after you work out.

3) Hardest thing for me to give up was beer. Hardest thing for my wife was ice cream. We all have our vices, so whatever yours is, you'll probably come to appreciate the time away from it and the fact that you have the willpower to avoid if for 30 days.

My best piece of advice is to stick to a simple breakfast (we usually did hard-boiled eggs and a bit of fruit) and take a day to prepare some lunches ahead of time that you can just grab out of the freezer before heading to work. Then you only have to really think about dinner. For recipes, Pinterest is your friend. Good luck! You can do it!!

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I have a few days left of my first Whole 30 and it has been a rollercoaster, but for the better. I remember texting my aunt who had only gotten 15 days into it telling her after day 5 I was bored!  Paleo was so boring and too restrictive. And it's true it is extremely restrictive and you have to be that person who asks does this have soy in it? Is there any added sugar listed in the ingredients? And sometimes it is boring because you aren't the best cook and all you want is to heat up a potato and chow down.

The hardest thing for me was giving up chocolate. I have actually given it up for 8 months last year but I could still have everything else so that didn't really make a difference. But I still crave a big piece of chocolate cake, and when I am done with my reintroduction, I have decided that yes that piece of chocolate cake once in a blue moon is worth it! Now if that chocolate cake makes me feel horrible, then I may not crave it as much.

I tried to prepare as much as possible ahead of time as I am not someone who cooks frequently, so the first few things I made did not come out so great, and I learned very quickly that I do not like the taste of coconut in most of my foods. 

One good thing to have in your back pocket is a W30 compliant bar of some sort. I always had a That's It fruit bar just in case, got them at Fairway. Also I found out about Pete's Paleo, a paleo blue apron meal service. It was a pricey service, but was worth it the one time I ordered it to have 5 paleo meals in my freezer if I ever didn't have the energy to cook.

Good Luck to you! There will be many moments you will want to cave! But it's only 30 days out of your whole life! Or at least thats what I kept telling myself!


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