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It starts with Food is accurate and honest

Michael Stone

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Good afternoon everyone,

Day 4 is gone and still adhering to this plan.  I did have some achiness and flu like symptoms which lasted about 6 hours.  I think my body is beginning to change and my appetite along with it.  I went to the grocery store and they had potato chips on sale and I usually buy them right away but I walked right by and the pull was not nearly as strong as before.   One small victory will hopefully lead to more.  I am also just beginning to sense a bit more energy when I wake up and a little less stiffness.  That is one thing I am hoping will leave as I work toward this finish line.  Being 57 years old, I am stiff in the morning and I don't like it so hopefully that will change with every passing day on this plan.  I have been taking probiotics and my morning constitution has been improving.  Hope I didn't offend anyone but this is important too!!  Take care, Mike


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