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Results of my first Whole30!


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I finished my first Whole30 a couple days ago.  My background - I am a 50ish year old 5'4" woman who had my children in my 40s.  I work out/run regularly and already ate gluten free and almost never ate processed foods nor sweets.  I don't drink milk or use artificial sweeteners and already like my coffee black so Whole30 was not a terribly hard leap.  My indulgences that I had to give up for the month were wine, cheese, and gluten-free snacking on eliminated foods like hummus and rice crackers, or corn tortilla chips.  And of course the overeating that comes with mindlessly nibbling on the kids' food as I prepare it or clean up.  

Post children and hitting menopause had contributed to my gaining some weight.  I started the Whole30 at 140lbs but my "perfect" pre-children weight was 120-125.  I also have had some inflammatory issues and eczema and just generally felt run down.  I decided to do the Whole30 to force myself to give up wine for a month so my "diet" to lose weight would be healthier and also to test the elimination of food triggers that might be causing me to not feel my best.  

It turned out to be painless to adhere to the Whole30 as long as I cooked at home since it wasn't that different than how I ate before (except for that wine and cheese and mindless snacking)!  I pretty much avoided restaurants for the month since the few times I ordered out on the Whole30, the food and experience was not nearly as good as what I could make at home.  

On the Whole30, I noticed an immediate improvement with inflammation and my eczema went away.  I had energy and a good mood the whole time.  Feeling better allowed my runs to get longer as I trained for a half marathon, which also probably contributed to my losing weight.  I was very happy to lose 11 lbs in 30 days.  Although I would note that I never introduced things like Whole30 compliant bacon because I usually wouldn't eat those things in the first place, so my Whole30 diet was mostly wholesome - eggs, chicken, pork, seafood, tons of roasted veggies, kale, big salads, and lots of good fats like avocados, olive oil, small amounts of nuts, and a few bananas but not much fruit otherwise. I found that subbing out things like a vinegar pepper hot sauce for sriracha, and coconut aminos for tamari were easy fixes that I plan to mostly stick with at home going forward.  

I look forward to a mindful reintroduction of foods so I can continue to lose weight and figure out what foods I should avoid or limit in the future!


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