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LauraJC- Post Whole 30


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I can't believe how my taste buds have changed after doing this for 30 days!  SUgar cravings disappeared, just dreaming of those things now, but I have the thought process before I take the first bite and I don't want to be slave to processed food again.  Now to reintroduce... FIrst day post whole 30, I tried gluten free grains.  Stomach felt fine, but the next day and today my sinuses were more blocked.  Anybody have sinus issues?  Not sure if it's the dry air( I use a humidifier in my home) or dust allergies or food allergies......I'm so tired of the sinus issues and I don't want to go back to taking medication.  Also, tried the net-pot again, just feels drier.  I know this is TMI, but my bowel movements, felt constipated and much different from the month.  I really want to correct these issues the most.  Other than that, this is the program I've been searching for my whole life.  I want to incorporate this forever, one day at a time!  Thanks for all the feedback and support.:)

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