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My Fellow Georgia W30ers....

Tracy R.

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I get my beef from http://www.dgfarms.com/.

I've begun getting pork from http://www.ggfarm.com/ through a friend who travels to North Carolina regularly.

I get my chicken either from Whole Foods or my local farm connection (no website).

Tom, do you have a CSA for beef? I am really interested in getting into a meat share but need to get a freezer first...

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The Grant Park Farmer's Market has a RiverView Farms mobile food truck (like a big truck you can get in and get stuff from the freezer. They have Beef, Lamb, pork, beef jerkey, some produce, eggs that go fast, smoked trout, some sausages/chorizo and a complaint tomato sauce that I LOVE) on Sundays from 930AM-1PM (and their site has the other pickups listed.)

I second the Carlton Farms and also White Oak Pastures.

For ghee, coconut oil, and some other random goodies (and by goodies I mean chicken liver soup -haha) there is an Amish Farm called Miller Organics and they come through Dunwoody on the way to their co-op in Orlando about every 6 weeks. You can also order from them online.

Hope that helps!

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