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3rd W30 - and NO RESULTS!


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Just finished my third W30 and I am sad to say that I have not lost a single pound or inch. The only change is that I have gained a little bit in fat percentage. 

And yes, I feel flabbier than before W30...;-( 

I am not overweight, so I do not really need to lose weight. But it would have been nice to feel a bit tighter. 

However, I am not unhappy. I am proud that I managed to finish a third W30 and I have felt good. But most of all I am happy that it did not work, since that means I can go back to eating more healthy and sustainable. Because yes, I believe it is better to eat legumes than meat. It is a much more sustainable life-style! ;-) 

And I am also happy to go back to starting my mornings with a bowl of healthy oatmeal, with rye and steel cut oats, nuts and fruits. As well as being social again and eat whatever people are offering me, including a glass of wine, every now and then. 

But I will continue to stay out of dairy (which I have done since my very first W30), sugar and processed food! It makes me feel a lot better. 

Here are my stats - and, as said before, both my weight and my waist are exactly the same as when I started. +/-0. Nada. Rien....;-( 


Height: 5.7 (170 cm)

Weight: 156 pounds (70.6 kilos) +/0

Fat: 28.0 % (27.6 %) +0.4%

Waist: 30.3 inches (77 cm) +/0

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