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wondering about coconut water. on our 2nd whole30 and just realized perhaps it's not compliant (no additives, just clean coconut water). really only use post long workout to replenish electrolytes and as a teat drink for our kids. does seem high in sugar (10g).

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It's technically compliant, but it's not really an ideal choice, kinda like lara bars. I think I saw Dallas post something somewhere about his thoughts on coconut water, but can't remember where. Lemme do some googling and I'll come back and edit. :)


Got it! and then check out Melissa's first comment:

@Nicole: Oh boy… Coconut water has a SLICK marketing campaign these days, huh? We hear this a lot, and while there's nothing wrong with coconut water, we really don't see anything super extra right about it either. We're big fans of plain old WATER, and in trying to mitigate as much added sugar as possible, don't see the purported up sides of coconut water outweighing the extra liquid sugar in our diets.
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