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Started today. Feb 6

Sarah H

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Hi everyone. I am 38 and a mom of 3. I have a 5,4, and 8week old. I am excited to start the Whole30 journey.

I have pretty much eaten junk food all my life. I am excited to learn how the wrong food was effecting my body and how the correct food will make me feel. 

I am doing the Whole30 to feel better about myself. I want to be a good example to my kids. I am also doing this to stop the bad eating habits I have formed over my life. I understand that this may not all happen in 30 days. I am committing to continue this journey each day for the 30 days and each day after until I feel I have made life changing habits. 

I am very fortunate that my amazing husband is starting the journey with me.  I am glad that I will have the support of friends and family and this forum.  I am sure I will need a lot of support.  This journey to change will not be easy, but I am determined to make the change happen  



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Good morning!  I too am starting today, February 6th.  I turned 49 years old yesterday and I want to slide into 50 with good health and lots of energy.  I have two grown children (22 and 20) and a wonderfully supportive husband I married two years ago who happens to be younger than me.  We're quite active and I plan to keep up with him for decades to come.

I am doing the Whole30 to get my health in check.  Aside from thyroid and menopause issues I'm generally in good health but feeling sluggish and run down most of the time and want better overall health with more energy and better sleep (and maybe get rid of the persistent bags under my eyes).

I appreciate the ability to connect with others in the same or similar canoe.  I've read "It Starts with Food" (thank you Hartwig's) and am about half way through the Whole30 book. 

Thank you so much and best to all participating in the Whole30 program!

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