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A farewell to cookies


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Great weekend so far! Weekends are typically when I would "fail" the Whole30. Re-starting on a Friday was a good idea as I have been able to keep up with it even with eating out for a few meals.

I have a pork shoulder roast in my crock-pot, and tonight I'll start a chicken enchilada stew in there once the roast is finished. Yum!

Last night, my boyfriend and I went to Outback with his parents then went to his parents house to watch football. At Outback, I ate a delicious wood-fire grilled steak, a plain sweet potato, and a salad minus croutons and cheese + oil and vinegar. It was SO good. I LOOOVE the bread at Outback and managed to not eat any. At the bf's parents, I managed to turn down Halloween candy (KitKats! My fav!) while everyone else was eating it. I opted for some mint tea instead.

I have found that when I stop thinking too much about what I am missing and just focus on what's going on around me, then it is easier to turn down foods instead of lamenting over not being able to eat them. There really is such a huge emotional connection to certain foods that needs to be altered a bit. The idea of not having a glass of wine or a cocktail on a date night makes me feel kind of sad, like I'm missing out on something. Really, though, all I am missing is spending an extra $10-20 on a drink or two and the feeling of wine making the dinner somehow more special, which it really doesn't. This is the same with the Halloween candy. I did not eat any and I still had a great time.

The most important thing I have learned this weekend is that I CAN make it through a weekend on the Whole30, even if said weekend includes meal(s) out and/or with the boyfriend's parents. My boyfriend's mom knows I am doing this and while I know she is suspicious of it, she is great at not questioning me too much about it. She keeps asking me, "So, are you still doing this diet?" I tend to respond with something like, "Well, it's not a diet exactly. It's more like an experiment on myself to see if changing how I eat improves how I feel." She totally doesn't buy that, but at least she keeps her feelings about it to herself. :)

On to the rest of the day!

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Day 4!

Almost ate candy last night. Almost did today, also. Instead, I decided I'd rather miss the candy than start the w30 over again.

So far today...

7am: 4 eggs scrambled in coconut oil with spinach

1:30pm: pulled pork with avocado, some broccoli, and a sweet potato with coconut butter and cinnamon

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It has happened. Now that I think about it, though, it has been in fast progression for the past couple of months.

I am in a rut.

I pay $124/month for a yoga studio membership that I haven't even used in 2 weeks. Let's not even talk about how many donuts I ate this past weekend. My resolve had completely diminished until I spent all day Sunday feeling sick and barely able to eat because of Saturday's decisions.

I HAVE to break myself out of this.

Today was yet another Day 1. *shrug*

Meal 1 (7:30am): 4 eggs scrambled with coconut oil and spinach

Meal 2 (1:00pm): Coconut chicken soup, apple

Snack (3:30pm): Larabar (I got hungry...clearly needed more at lunch today)

Meal 3 (~6:30pm): Planning on coconut chicken soup and a baked sweet potato with coconut butter & cinnamon

Activity: light yoga at home, maybe the elliptical later tonight (although with only 4 hours of sleep last night, the elliptical will probably not happen)

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Day 2 (for the gazillianth time)

Going fine so far! I have been trying to get over a sinus infection for the past week and it is leaving me feeling exhausted. Hence, all I want is carbs and sugar. Unfortunately that will only exacerbate the problem.

7:30am: 4 eggs scrambled with coconut oil and spinach (my first meal is quite redundant)

Plan for rest of the day:

1:30pm: leftover coconut chicken soup with kale and added coconut butter, apple

5:30pm: heated yoga

7:30pm: leftover coconut chicken soup and a baked sweet potato with coconut butter and cinnamon

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Aww sounds like you're having a tough time... Sometimes I think sugar is as addictive as nicotine or other drugs. But everyday, people successfully stop smoking. Few people succeed on the first try, but that doesn't mean they should abandon. Your sugar dragon is pretty tough, but you are stronger, otherwise, you wouldn't give this W30 another go.

I'd recommend writing down your triggers. For me, it's when I'm bored: I just want to eat, even though I'm not hungry. Then, have a plan ready in case the trigger comes up: you could go for a walk, prepare a meal for the day after, take a shower (or a hot bath), play a game on your phone (if you have a smartphone) or computer, go read, play with you pet (if you have any)... You get the idea!

Also, do you have some support around you? People who will motivate you and make you think twice before you reach for those donughts? You don't have to tell them everything you can and can't eat, but telling your coworkers or friends that you've decided to give up sugar will make you more accountable next time someone brings baked goods.

Also, maybe the food you're eating doesn't quite satisfy you taste-wise? I know I'll be more tempted to go off track when the meal I've eaten was just okay. But tonight, I made an AWESOME fried "rice" (from Well Fed, p.93, or on her blog here) and now my belly is full of good foods and I have no desire for dessert or something sweet. Create a Pinterest board with W30-approved recipes that make your mouth water. The best way to stay on track is NOT feeling like you're missing something.

The bottom line is, you CAN do this. Do you best to keep your motivation high and steady, at least for the first week, and then the cravings will be weaker and weaker. By week 2, you'll be proud to have come this far, and I'm sure the second half won't be nearly as tough as the first!

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Oh my gosh thank you Renee for your post! These forums are so supportive/motivating. :)

Writing down triggers is an excellent idea. I will definitely be doing that tonight! As far as support goes, well....my boyfriend (with whom I live) thinks I'm crazy for doing this and guilt-tripped me last night for not eating the goulash and cornbread I made for him for dinner. His mom...the same thing. At work, since it never comes up and it is fairly easy for me to eat according to the w30, I'd rather not draw that kind of attention to myself (SO tired of the "but you're already so thin, you don't need to diet!" comments...UGH I'm NOT dieting nor trying to lose weight!). I was actually invited to bowling/karaoke/drinks with a group of friends this weekend, which I am thinking about just foregoing since the 5th/6th day is usually when I cave in due to social outings where I don't want to be the only one not drinking/eating/whatever. There is no way I would attempt karaoke sober.

Today is Day 3....

The plan for today is basically the same as yesterday except I had a couple bites of a baked sweet potato with my breakfast. Trying to eat through the leftover coconut chicken soup (SO good with kale and added coconut butter!).

Still haven't made it to yoga class after work. I'm shooting for today, though. NEED to break out of my laziness. I always feel so great after class. Getting there is the hard part.

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That's too bad for your bf... Mine is doing W30 with me and it helps a lot! What helped is that we learned about paleo at the same time (it started off with hCG [yes you read that right, I did hCG, homeopathic kind], then

, then Primal Body Primal Mind, then Mark's Daily Apple, then I bought Well Fed this summer but it wasn't until a couple of days ago that we decided to do W30)... Does your bf know a bit about the Why's, What's, etc. of W30? Maybe understanding the program will give him reasons to support your efforts. Or you can also explain one big goal and explain that you need his support to reach it. You could say, for example: I think sugar (or dairy, or soy, processed foods, etc.) might (affect my sleep, give me headaches, make me bloated, increase my stress levels, etc.) and I really want to do this for 30 days, and I need you to help me through this.

Also, going out is a huuuuuge trigger! Melissa Joulwan has a post detailling how to be a social butterfly while on W30. My favorite from this has got to be getting something to drink ASAP. Granted, apart from water, there's not much to drink, but carbonated water with a lime wedge will prevent anyone asking you why you're not drinking. You could also stock up on LaCroix water. I don't know where to get it where I live, but I heard they're approved.

I can understand how difficult it can be trying to explain W30 when you don't need to lose weight. I'm doing it partly for the weight loss part, but when I didn't want to go into that topic, I just said that I'm doing a food intolerance diagnostic to help me identify the effects certain foods have on my body. Most people said: "Oh, like a cleanse?" Well, we know it's not a cleanse, but at least it's not associated with weight loss like the word "diet" is. Most people will stop bothering you. Or when I'm with people I'm not too close to, I'll just say I have a blood test the day after (it works if you're saying this less than 12 hours before your "appointment").

Anyway, if you're not sure you'll be able to stay on track this weekend, then don't go, unless of course you're the masochist type (I know I'm not!). Wait until you know you can easily handle your cravings.

Have a GREAT day 3 and by the end of the day, you'll have 1/10 completed!

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I so wish my boyfriend would do it with me. I tried explaining it to him. I think he gets the overall reasons; it's more that he is just extremely apathetic about how what he eats affects him. Also, he has seen me try different ways of eating for the past 4 years (trying to "fix" my digestive issues, mood swings, and fatigue) to no success so I think he just feels annoyed that I can't eat "normal food" when I am on the w30. Luckily, as long as he sees that I am actually sticking with it, he will leave me alone about it and keep his thoughts to himself. I also tried to get my mom to start. She is currently reading the book and even though she is in a different state than I am, it would be nice to have the extra accountability. I think she is struggling with the idea of giving up her nightly wine, hah.

Thank you SO SO much for your suggestions for interacting with other people about this! It's nice to have some support. I am still undecided about Saturday night. If I go, I'll definitely try the water/lime wedge and maybe just stay for bowling, but leave once they go to the bar for karaoke.

I am so determined this time. I mean, it's just 30 days that could possibly make me feel so much better. And, if for some reason it doesn't, well, at least I will have eaten extremely well for 30 days and would have given it a chance. :) The funny thing is I am not even worried about Thanksgiving. Turky + ham + green veggies + SWEET POTATO? Yum!

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Day 4! Again!

Had to change up my breakfast this morning because I forgot I ran out of eggs. Considering there are 6 hours between my breakfast and lunch, hopefully it will hold me over.

7:30am: Ground turkey with paleo mayo, butternut squash cooked in coconut oil

Rest of the day plan:

1:30pm: Tuna with paleo mayo and broccoli

7:30pm: Ground turkey with mixed vegetables, baked sweet potato with coconut butter and cinnamon

I have a wicked cough right now and my throat is extremely itchy (perfect for someone who works at a front desk /end_sarcasm). I am going to try to find compliant cough drops, but if not then I will just make due with hot tea and maybe some time in the sauna.

Today is the first day in over a week that I have woken up feeling rested, so that's a plus! I have not outright told my boyfriend I am attempting the W30 again, so last night he offered me some of his Oreos which I politely declined as I ate my orange. It's surprising how "easy" it is to eat this way without officially telling others; I actually feel I have a better chance of making it through this time by not announcing what I'm doing. That may sound counter-productive, but it's true.

Here's to a successful day 4! :)

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Yay for feeling well rested and motivated at day 4!! You're doing so well so far, keep it up!

Regarding cough drops, I kind of doubt there are any that are compliant. They all include honey or another form of sugar (some even include plain sugar, that's so wrong because sugar actually irritates your throat). Maybe you could try Cold-FX? They usually help me with coughing, but I don't know if all the ingredients are ok for W30. Definitely avoid syrups though. Not only they taske gross, but most of them have some sort of chemical flavor, colour and sugar.

You're right about how easy it can be to eat this way in front of others. No one notices the absence of bread or a form of processed carb on my plate at lunch (or if they do, they don't comment on it). And if we have people over for dinner, we (the BF and I) have enough vegetables as sides so no one asks "Where's the rice?". I'm sure deep down, most people know what real food is, they just get blinded by mass medias and "medical" claims.

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Day 5!!!!!!

Woke up rested today. My cough is more productive, so hopefully that means it will be subsiding soon. I did not even go look for compliant cough drops; I am just letting it run its course and adding plant extracts (picked up from my local Sprouts--they are supposed to help clear my sinuses) to my morning hot water.

7:30am: Ground turkey with paleo mayo, sweet potato with coconut butter

Plan for the rest of the day:

1:30pm: Salad with kale, ground turkey, broccoli, and paleo mayo

7:30pm: Chicken salad with kale and paleo mayo, broccoli cooked in coconut oil

Have not made it to the hot yoga studio yet. I'll see how my cough is towards the end of the work day.

I have been feeling much less bloated and gassy than usual. I'm assuming this is because of no gluten? I didn't eat much dairy to begin with as I am not a fan of dairy products (don't like cheese or milk, but I do love ice-cream). I would assume no sugar, but I have been eating a little bit of fruit which has not affected me negatively (although day 5 is still quite too early to tell for sure). I have also, over the course of my many restarts since the beginning of October, developed a taste for black coffee. Things are changing! :)

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It's Friday. I'm on Day 5. And I want a glass of wine so badly! I'm not even craving off-plan foods or sweets, but WINE. I miss it; the feeling in the evening of the glass in my hand while relaxing on my couch going through my DVR to catch-up on tv shows. Instead, I'm going to exercise knowing it will make me feel even better than a glass of wine would. But I'm still sad about it.

VERY sad about it.

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How about carbonated water? I know it's not wine, it doesn't feel like it or taste the same, but it's different then plain water. Or how about a herbal tea? I usually find them very relaxing.

Still, you are able to say exactly why you want wine and connect its effect on your mental state. Realizing how food/drinks affect your mood and being proactive about it (working out to achieve a similar "feel good" sensation) is a huge step!

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Day 6!!

Meal 1-8:00am: Hash with sweet potato, chicken, avocado and spinach

Meal 2-1:00pm: Kale salad with chicken, broccoli, paleo mayo, and avocado

For this evening:

5:30pm: Hot yoga

Meal 3-7:00pm: ????? Not sure yet

FINALLY making it to hot yoga in about half an hour! This is the farthest I have made it so far on the w30, yay!

Definitely feeling "kill all the things!" today. This could have something to do with me going shopping and finding that while sizing up would make clothes too big, my usual size is just a tad too small. It's my own fault and I take full responsibility (seriously ate like 8 donuts last weekend, so that gives you an idea of just how totally unhealthy I have been eating when falling off the w30). Plus, I haven't been doing any exercise in the past few weeks. That is changing, though! And I feel good about it.

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Am I REALLY on Day 7??? Like, really??!!!

Woke up today with a killer headache (thanks to not having any coffee yet this weekend) and hungry to the point of nausea. I ate dinner around 7:30 last night (tuna with avocado and paleo mayo, baked sweet potato with cinnamon and coconut butter), saw a movie at 8:40, and got in bed around 1am, and woke up around 8:30 so that may have something to do with it.

Sidenote: I think I am eating too much fat with my meals. I mean, paleo mayo + avocado + coconut butter in one meal? I think I should scale down a bit? I feel great, though.

I also finally made it to yoga yesterday evening. It definitely put things in perspective. Excellent class, tons of sweating, and after not practicing for over two weeks I was surprised at how well I was able to keep my balance and focus in certain poses. Perhaps a brief yoga hiatus was what I needed to reset my intentions for my practice. I was able to focus on respecting my boundaries rather than on "mastering" any poses or trying to push myself more than necessary. Definitely going back to the studio this evening as well.

I made coconut chicken soup from the Recipe part of the forum except I added green curry and used less italian seasoning. It's delicious!!

Meal 1-9:00am: Coconut chicken curry soup with mixed veggies, baked sweet potato with coconut butter and cinnamon

Plan for the rest of the day:

Meal 2: same as breakfast, but more soup and less sweet potato

Meal 3: not sure yet. probably a salad of kale, broccoli, avocado, and balsamic/evoo dressing with baked chicken wings

Today is meal planning +grocery shopping day for the week. :)

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Howdy! I just wanted to say that I love the title of your log. It makes me smile (and want to click) every time I see it! Very creative.

Keep going! You sound good and like you are "wiggling" in your life... working to make change! (for whatever reason I always imagine this as a loose tooth, although that analogy doesn't go too far). Be gentle with yourself in the process. You are doing it.

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Day 8

Energy levels today = great! Steady, and even yesterday I didn't feel the need for a nap. Loving it! Still having some digestive issues, but I figured that would take a while to correct.

M1 (7:30am): Sweet potato and egg hash cooked in coconut oil (3 eggs, 1 small sweet potato)

S1 (10:30am): Apple (I got hungry)

Rest of the day plan:

M2 (1:30pm): Coconut curry chicken soup with kale and coconut butter

M3 (7:30pm): Slow-cooked chicken drumsticks with french green beans

Activity for the day: 5:30pm hot yoga

I seriously considered, briefly, a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. It will still be there when the w30 is over, so I opted for an Americano instead. That was a super random craving that came on at 6:30am while I was getting ready for work.

So ready for Thanksgiving! Being off work = yay!

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Just had to pop in and say that a coworker brought me a Sprinkles cupcake (!!!!) and I totally, even after having it in front of me for over an hour, didn't eat it. I gave it to another coworker and told her that if anyone asks, I ate it ;).

Was SO close to eating it.

And also, I am SO SO SO hungry today!

That is all.

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Huge congrats on saying no to that cupcake! Your health is worth more than that! You're doing great so far, but you know you need to eat more! How about Zucchini "chips" (use olive oil or coconut oil instead of canola) and guac as a snack instead of apple? I know it needs more preparation than just grabbing an apple, but it would be much more filling!

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Definitely need to eat more than I have today. My breakfast was its usual size, but I think the extra carbs in the morning made me hungrier quicker. Usually, when I have 4 eggs +coconut oil +spinach, I am fine until lunch.

My snacks definitely need to be worked on. I can't actually eat a "mini-mea" at my desk (I work at the front desk), so I have to be as inconspicuous as possible IF I eat at my desk at all. My goal is to just eat my 3 meals and be fine. And those zucchini chips?? YUM! Will have to make those!

I will have to make sure to eat enough at lunch from now on. Being so hungry when I get off work = no-go for hot yoga.

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Day 9!

I really can't believe it has already been 9 days. They went by so quickly!

I am feeling emotionally wonderful. Physically, my energy levels have stabalized. The cravings are less (I turned down delicious-smelling pumpkin bread this morning!). Honestly, I'm not sure if I will stay 100% compliant on Thanksgiving. The only thing I am considering is wine. It's kind of a tradition (at least in the last four years) that my boyfriend's sister and I have wine together on Thanksgiving. I know I can choose otherwise, but I'm not sure I want to. Whatever decision I make, I am incredibly proud of myself for being able to make it this long; in just 9 days I have learned so much. I can't imagine how eye-opening a whole 30 days would be! We shall see. :)

7:30am: Scrambled eggs in coconut oil with spinach, few bits of sweet potato

Rest of the day plan:

1:30pm: Slow-cooked chicken drumsticks with french green beans (this dish is SOOOOO good! and I threw it together by myself!), baked sweet potato with coconut butter and cinnamon

5:30pm: hot yoga

7:30pm: Chicken coconut curry soup with kale

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