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Starting today: February 8th


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I did W30 yesterday as I had been preparing for it for over a month now. I bought  and read It Starts with Food and Whole30 and was very convinced. But when I signed up for the newsletter and had to officially start today.

Anyway - when I did W30 yesterday, I had a 4 egg fritatta with vegetables, chicken with mushrooms, brocolli and peppers cooked with mixed herbs for lunch and chicken in coconut milk with vegetables for dinner. Felt very hungry between meals so had almonds and bananas (2) between lunch and dinner.

I officially started my W30 today. I live in India so my day has started already with 2 eggs + 2 bananas and 1 Pear for breakfast. I have a Chicken curry in coconut milk with a side of veggies for lunch. Dinner will be mix vegetables with boiled sweet potatoes with some fruit. 




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If you were hungry between meals yesterday, you may need to make your meals bigger. Have you seen the meal template? Aim for 1-2 palm-sized portions of protein, or if eggs are your only protein, as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand; 1-2 thumb-sized portions of oil, or 1/2 to a whole avocado, or a heaping handful of olives or coconut flakes, or 3-7 oz of coconut milk -- pick one or two of the fat servings listed in the template at each meal; and then fill your plate with vegetables.  Fruit is totally optional.


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