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In June 2016, I separated from my husband of 31 years, filed for divorce, found out I had 2 brain tumors in October and had gamma knife radiation surgery on Dec. 6th. And have been on 2 full course of steroids. After my daughter raved about how she felt after doing a Whole30 I got on board and I started my first Whole30 ever on January 26.  I guess that means that I am almost half way through.  Must admit that I have found joy in cooking again, after not cooking anything all summer. I don't drink and I don't drink coffee so the biggest vice that I have had to give up is sugar.  Although that is a completely controlling addiction and probably the biggest reason I have started this - to try and get that under control. So far, so good on that score , although some nights I am dying for something sweet. I clearly need to lose weight but more concerned with how I feel and how I sleep.  And I would really like to feel a little less pain in my joints.  At the 15 day mark the one thing that I do notice is that my legs hurt a lot less at night - way less leg cramps and I am hoping that all goes away completely at some point in time.  When do most people start to feel some of those NSV that I read about and also can I just keep going so that this becomes a Whole60 as opposed to a Whole30?  Any hints for taming the late night sugar dragon?

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