Canned Ground Beef


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So I found this on Amazon

and it appears to be compliant....

I ordered a can and it's actually pretty good...  It came out of the can similar to a mini meatloaf with bits of fat and gelatin - -

I'm not currently on a Whole 30 at the moment but, thought it might be something to take with me camping or have on hand for a quick meal.

Granted, no idea of the source of the beef - and most certainly not organic, grass fed etc....  I just thought it might be of interest to some for the convenience aspect

and to have on hand, similar to Tuna etc...

If this is not compliant for any reason - pls. let me know  Thx


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According to the ingredients list, it's compliant. I suppose it'd be smart to have on hand for an emergency, like a snowstorm that renders your car and all roads buried under 17 feet of snow, or a long-lasting tornado where you're stuck for safety in the basement for four months, or a massive electrical outage that takes out the entire New England area and lasts for thirteen weeks, leaving you with no other options but tinned tuna and tinned ground beef...

Otherwise, to me, it looks gross. But it's compliant, so go for it! :lol:

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