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day 5 - headache will not go away :(


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Hello.  This is my first whole 30, although I have been doing a low carb diet for awhile before starting whole 30.  Day was ok, but I woke up day 2 with a terrible headache and it continues to get worse.  I don't feel hungry, but eating does seem to alleviate the pain slightly for a time.  Tylenol is not helping at all :( I have been compliant as far as I know though I haven't given up caffeine completely... just drinking my coffee/tea black and unsweetened.  Basically I have been eating eggs in a variety of forms for breakfast, meat and sautéed veggies for other meals.  I have ulcerative colitis, so I am careful to not eat too many raw veggies or fruit.  Any ideas, words of encouragement, this too shall pass advice?  I don't want to give up, but the pain is overriding my senses sometimes!


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Sorry you're not feeling well :(

Without knowing what you're eating in portion sizes and specific veggies, fats and proteins, it's hard to give advice but I'd bet a lot of money that you're not eating enough and potentially not drinking enough water.

Have you seen the meal template?  Are you making your meals match? Are you eating added fat?  Are you salting your food?  Water recommendation is 1/2oz per pound of body weight... are you getting that much?

If you would like directed help, list out as above what you've been eating and we can help make some tweaks.  The fact that your headache subsides when you eat tells me that I"m probably right... 

Headaches ARE common when cutting out sugars and inflammatory foods but we can probably help tweak your meals so that you're not suffering.

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