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Traveling for Work


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I am traveling for work next week and have eliminated nuts & eggs from the second half of my Whole30. This doesn't leave me with a lot of quick, on-the-go options, particularly for breakfast. We are flying and staying in a hotel, plus will be doing client meetings and lunches/dinners out. Any suggestions on how to stay compliant????

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I know this is too late to help you, but I travel every other week for work (at least). This month I'm travelling 4/17-4/20 and 4/24-4/27. In addition, all of my travel (hotels, flights, rental cars if any, etc) are booked through my work, so I am limited in my ability to plan my travel around grocery store hours, amenities in the hotel, etc. On 4/17 I land at 11:30 pm if there are no delays. These are business trips and my hours while travelling are often 10-12 hour shifts, and I'm lucky to have 30 minutes for lunch. 

Here is what I pack to stay compliant: 

1 med-large insulated lunch bag packed with: frozen fish cakes, frozen frittata mini muffins, frozen grilled chicken sliced into strips. I pack enough of these for breakfast every day, plus 1-2 meals extra in case I can't find compliant lunch or dinner. Freezing the food solid the night before and then packing in my lunch bag the day of allows them to keep while I'm on the plane, but be thawed out in time for dinner or breakfast the next morning. 

I also slice up bell peppers, green onions, and cucumbers, enough for vegetables to supplement each breakfast and a few dinners. Celery and carrots are also good options, but I can't stand them so I don't pack them :) 

I then pack almonds or other nuts, pouches of olives, pouches of tuna (read labels as many main brands have soy) and travel packs of almond butter (note - the almond butter must be less than 3 oz and fit in your 1 quart bag with other liquids). I pack enough for lunch each day I'm there and dinners on the days of the flights. 

Finally, I keep a few Epic bars and lara bars in my work bag in the event that my flight is delayed beyond the food that I've packed and I can't find a compliant option. 


A typical trip for me looks something like this: 

4/17: M1: Normal breakfast at home M2: normal lunch at work M3: grilled chicken or fish cakes and vegetables with olives at the airport or hotel on landing. 

4/18: M1: Frittata mini muffin with bell pepper strips, a banana and almond butter, cold brew coffee from a coffee shop. M2: Fish cakes, vegetables, and olive pouch. M3: Sashimi (purchased out) + sliced vegetables and almonds (packed). 

4/19: M1: Grilled chicken + vegetables and nut butter w/ banana, M2: Tuna pouch w/ olives + sliced vegetables and plain salad from a restaurant. M3: Sweet Greens salad (they have many compliant options) 

4/20: M1: Grilled chicken, vegetables and nut butter w/ banana, M2: Tuna pouch, olives, sliced vegetables. M3: Tuna pouch, olives, plain salad from the airport. 


Yes, it is a little high on nut butter or nuts for fat, and you could absolutely reduce that and add some avocado or compliant guacamole. If you have time to grocery shop when you arrive or have additional amenities that makes it easier, but since my schedule is rarely set by me, I plan to not have time to shop or pick up compliant options. 

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