Let's Vent and Celebrate - staying on track with temptation


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Recently I've been tallying how many seriously tempting situations I've experienced that took SO much willpower to stay on track with my Whole30. I'll list a few here (making sure to keep it shortish) and would love to hear your similar challenges and successes!

We deserve to celebrate and brag about staying on track under pressure!

- First week at new job - passed up birthday cake in front of my coworkers who were all eating

- Met with friends at a bar - drank selzter water w/lime, TOLD people I wasn't drinking ("oh that's boring") and passed up on fries and spinach artichoke dip

- Cunningly avoided after-work drinks at the new job with a (hopefully) cool-sounding excuse ("I'm on my way to skeeball practice" < that happened

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Well done you. you definitely should be celebrating (compliantly of course :) ) I've had nothing so exciting but my last cancer treatment was at 12.15 pm - too early to eat lunch before I went and then everything was delayed so I was there until 4.30, having had nothing since breakfast. While lying there hooked up to the drip, unable to escape, I was offered sandwiches, cookies, home made cake, home made shortbread, home made apple pie, chocolates, toffees and various assorted bowls of sweets. I had black coffee and herbal tea and really enjoyed my dinner when I got home.

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I am so glad you started this topic. I just completed day 17.. I went to a family funeral today and afterwards was the big feast of food and drink.. I ate before I went which helped. but there were cakes, pasta and most importantly my mother-inlaws most amazing shrimp salad. I can eat bowl fulls.. on the surface the shrimp sounds innocent, but what makes it so good is the sugar that goes in the vinegar.. then of course there was the wine.. one of my weaknesses. I felt good I didn't give in, but there was pressure everywhere including the situation.

Anyway i got home and had wine glass of san pelagrino and some nuts.... and a few coconut flake and almonds..

for some reason, today has been one of the hardest for me and going into the weekend too.. In-laws in town and a charity golf tournament on Sat. I hope to report that I have stayed strong in the face of lots of temptation!

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