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I am currently on Day 24 of my 2nd Whole 30. My first Whole 30 was back in October. I did great for the 30 days, but on day 4 of the reintroduction - I completely blew it.  This time, I meal prepped more, made more interesting foods and read Food Freedom Forever.  I'm also in the middle of It Starts With Food. I'm feeling great this time around and excited for the reintroduction because I can't wait to see the results. 

Here is where I start to get anxiety. Although it's not just about weight-loss, the fact is that I am overweight and want to lose it.  One of my favorite things about Whole30 is not having to track my food, use containers, count calories, etc.  So, my concern is this: what if after my reintroduction I find out that dairy, grains and legumes are okay for me and I'd like to add them back into my diet. What then? How should my plate look? How often should I add them in? If I add in Greek Yogurt one day for breakfast, do I reduce my protein portion?  If I want to add some rice to my dinner, obviously this changes the dynamic - how will this impact my weight loss?  I hope this makes sense!


I feel very confident about being able to avoid alcohol, bad carbs like breads and pasta and sugar and only allowing them if it's REALLY worth it. It's those normal foods that aren't necessarily bad for you that I'm confused about. I'm worried that if I just add them to my Whole30 plate, that I'm going to have a hard time losing weight. 


Thanks for any advice!

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Hey there;

Please note that everyone on here are volunteers including the moderators and sometimes it takes us some time to get to all the posts, especially if it's not a simple answer.

The simple(ish) answer here is that you need to experiment on your own and figure out how to add back the items that you're talking about such as greek yogurt and rice.  You still want your meals to last you 4-5 hours without the need for snacking (your body runs best like this) so add something in, make note of how you're feeling and then tweak as necessary.

We don't really give a ton of advice on how your plate looks after whole30 because the idea is that you figure out with the infomation that you've gained in the Whole30 how best to suit your own needs.

This is also not a weightloss diet and as such, we don't give advice on how to hack either the Whole30 or your life after to create a weightloss scheme.  Eating healthy and exercising is going to be the key to losing any weight you have to lose... if it's weight that you WANT to lose but that your body doesn't 'have' to lose, then that's something to look at as well.

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Hi Anne.  Your post completely resonates for me.  I'm on Day 11 of W30 #2 and I have the very same question.  W30#2 has been easier for me once I have gotten into it again.  It has given me a new view of what went wrong (post W30) the first time.  I didn't know enough last time to even wonder about this at this point last time in my W30 journey. Intellectually I know it is mine to create with my own food DNA and my own life and way of operating.  I get that. The challenges in my day-to-day life are mine and need to help define my own road map.  

Something I have done that I also thought to be valuable (and also sometimes confusing) is a food sensitivity test.  It's a blood test that told me I am sensitive to gluten (though not celiac) and that I have no sensitivity to dairy and brewers yeast, amongst other things.  But, I am very sensitive to shrimp and mushrooms.  Who knew?  I love shrimp and mushrooms, but now I don't eat them anymore.  And I have found life without them is tolerable. I've done so much reading and I think I'm beginning to understand what my roadmap looks like and I'm hoping I know by Day 31 or 51 whenever I decide my formal W30#2 is over.  

My two hot buttons are dairy and red wine.  Dairy is a limited area for me.  I don't need milk or ice cream or sour cream.  But I really appreciate cream in my coffee, parm cheese on my salads, Greek yogurt for breakfast now and then, and an occasional bit of cheese with a piece of really awesome salami with my red wine.  How often can I do this?  Can I trade these things for something else I don't care about?  Is it all trial and error?   And, if I have red wine with food and a water chaser will that give me the opportunity to have another glass of wine now and then?  How often can I drink wine and not throw myself out of whack?  I'm also wondering if it's okay to have gluten-free steel cut oats (with an egg mixed in while cooking) at least once a week for breakfast with yogurt and fruit on top.

My questions are different than yours, but where can we find specific answers to specific questions about how we arrange our plates for success?  Could we start a new topic in this forum regardless of whether our goals are weight loss or wellness?  Maybe similar to the topic of what is and isn't compliant on the W30? Something like What's on your Plate?  Or maybe Eat for Success?

Ive been thinking out loud here and hope I'm on to something. I need this type of thing to be successful in post W30.

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So...I cannot believe it.  I just looked at my email after pressing send, and saw Melissa's book Food Freedom Forever.   I guess I haven't been paying attention.  I am going to get that, for sure, but maybe that could be a topic in the forum, Food Freedom Forever.  It's probably already there.  I think that's what we are talking about, right Anne?

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