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Finding it hard to eat so much food

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This is my first Whole 30, and I'm on day 4. Other than the first meal of the day I'm finding it hard to eat as much as I think I'm supposed to. Yesterday was the first day I worked out, and no way could I have eaten a pre or post workout snack, I was just too full. I'm nursing my 9mo, so I'm including starchy veggies at every meal because I find I need the carbs to keep up my milk supply. I'm getting hungry before 4-5 hours though, and snacking between meals. I've seen the recommendations for nursing Mamas to eat 4 meals a day and I'm not there. I'm eating more like 3 meals and 2 snacks. 

Does this seem ok? I otherwise feel good so far. 


Here's an outline of my food for the last 3 days: 

Day 1
6am:17oz water

Chicken apple sausage
Brussels sprouts 3/4 cup
Sweet potato 3/4 cup

Coffee and 16oz water 

Large carrot 
Eggplant dip
Hard boiled egg
12 oz water

12oz herbal tea & 12oz water 

3eggs scrambled in ghee
2 cups broccoli 
1/2 cup sweet potato
Ravigote dressing 

3:30 Snack: 
4 chicken stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, 1/4 cup sweet potato roasted in bacon fat
Water 17oz

Huge salad: spinach, butter lettuce, tomato, avocado
8oz salmon
1/2 cup roasted purple sweet potato 
8oz water

Before bed
12oz water 

Day 2
Wake 6am 17oz water

7am: 2 c cooked red chard, 2 pieces bacon, 3 eggs fried in ghee, 1 cup roast sweet potato, 8oz water, tea

8:30 coffee and 16oz water 

11am large salad spinach and butter lettuce with 2 eggs and salad dressing 
17oz water 

1:45 lettuce "tacos" with kabocha squash, pork, and carmelized onion (with bacon fat) water 12oz

5pm 12oz water

6pm zoodles topped with ghee and garlic, Pulled pork with compliant BBQ sauce, 1/4 cup sweet potato mashed 
Water 8oz

After dinner 16oz water

8:30pm 1/2 cup raspberries with coconut milk and chia seeds 

Day 3
Wake up 6am, 20oz water

7am: 3 eggs fried in ghee, 2-3c chard, small sweet potato, 1/2 avocado, tea
8am coffee and 8oz water

10:45: spinach salad with kabocha squash, 2 boiled eggs, bacon, caramelized onions, dressing.
18oz water, 8oz coconut water 

1pm snack 4 chicken stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, 12oz water

3pm pork, 1/2 purple sweet potato, guacamole 

Workout - 3:45 water 30oz

6pm: pulled pork, pineapple salsa, spinach salad with corn, avocado and pepitas, kabocha squash, salad dressing. 

8:30 coconut milk with chia & raspberries 
16 oz water 







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