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Hi all -- there does not seem to be a definitive place where full ingredients/allergens from the fast-casual Caribbean restaurant chain Pollo Tropical (http://pollotropical.com/menus/nutritionals/) are readily available. I haven't had luck in finding out from my local branches (due to a language barrier on my part), and there is very little information about this online, including on their own website (where you can find out whether products contain dairy, eggs, or gluten, but not the rest of what we'd need to know on a W30).

Here's what I've gathered so far, from reading others' blog posts:

  • There are supposedly 4 different meals on the menu that Pollo Tropical claims are free of the 8 most common allergens -- though I have yet to see a list of what those meals are, as everyone's links to this list are unfortunately broken.
  • I did see a post from someone who had ordered Pollo Tropical's roasted chicken, balsamic tomatoes, and sweet plantains while on a Whole30, but I don't feel that I can trust that post for accuracy since there weren't any ingredient investigations cited; for all I know, the blogger could have made wrong assumptions and accidentally eaten something non-compliant.

Given those frustrations, I wanted to start a formal thread on the official Whole30 forums where we can hopefully collaborate to post the definitively compliant items from the Pollo Tropical menu as we discover them (myself included -- I'll keep trying!).

Thanks all! Looking forward to your insight and/or recommendations.

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One more potentially helpful piece of information I just found is copied/pasted below, but it may be outdated, as it was originally posted online in 2006 (original source is https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/22532-positive-experience-at-pollo-tropical-in-florida/, am only reposting the items relevant to Whole30). It was only a partial list to begin with:


  • Chicken, Whole: Maltodextrin, derived from corn
  • Mojo Pork: Sulfites
  • Ribs: Soy products
  • Shrimp Soup: Sulfites, dairy, gluten
  • Shrimp Creole: Sulfites, dairy, gluten


  • Sweet plantains: Soy
  • French Fries: Soy


  • Mojo: Soy
  • Curry Mustard: Soy


  • Sauteed Onion: Soy
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