When you can't stop to eat

Lorna 1126

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I'm on day 24 and doing well.  I've learned how important planning is -  I get that. So here's my question:  What do you do if you have a 14 hour flight?  What do you pack that will get you through 2 maybe 3 meal times in the air?  I've tried the special diet meals that airlines offer - but they are all but inedible in many cases except for the fruit which I'd prefer to just bring myself - and I really don't know what the ingredients are ahead of time. 

This is also relevant to me if I have to travel (driving) for a 3 to 4 hour drive that spans when I should be eating and can't build in enough time to stop.  

I know this is less than ideal and have learned how important to sit and really enjoy my meals through this process - but for those rare unavoidable occasions?? 

Does a Lara bar, a piece of fruit with maybe some raw carrots constitute a meal?  


Thanks for any help you can offer.


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