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My 1st Week on Whole30 So Far


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So, I've made it through the first week of Whole30! Here are some things I've realized:

1. It's been fun making new recipes. It's so much easier to make foods when you stick with fruits, veggies, protein and fats.

2. I've learned about the fats used to cook foods in. I love expanding my horizons. (I bought duck fat yesterday and it's pretty awesome).

3. Speaking of fats, I'm realizing I need them in every meal or else I'll feel super hungry. Like this morning when I should of had an avocado with my frittata. (I have macadamia nuts so it'll help.)

4. The Whole30 approved snacks definitely came in handy when I worked Saturday. It was in the evening and there was no time to sit and eat dinner. They also came in handy when I was running errands for my mom Sunday.

5. My weekend McDonald's craving hit right on the mark Saturday morning. I never realized I had one until I thought I smelled biscuits in the house! I'm so glad I'm breaking a lot of habits.

6. My mom asked if I lost weight! :) LOL, I might have!

7. I am starting to feel less congested in my nose, and my wedding ring fits again. Some clothes feel looser and I'm less anxious.

8. Another bonus of the recipes: I'm using up stuff I bought so my money isn't thrown in the trash. That's the biggest win for me!

I hope your week went well also, and here's to the next week!

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