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my whole30 results


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I haven't really posted here before but wanted to list some of my results since I recently completed my Whole30 (Feb 15).  

First, the measurables:  

waist: 2.5 inches

hips: 1 inch

each thigh: 1 inch

weight: 6 pounds

I am so thrilled with these results!  I really needed to reset my nutrition at this time.  I had successfully lost about 70 pounds a couple of years ago and had slowly allowed some less than stellar habits to creep back into my life as of late.  I found myself round about 20 pounds heavier this January than I preferred to be and just feeling sluggish and unmotivated in general.  In addition, I have some autoimmune processes happening, am a cancer survivor, and have some long-term injuries that make me want to take the best care of myself possible.  I am so happy I chose Whole30 to help me be the best me I can be!  

I began Jan 1 by reading Whole30 and eating by the plan, with the exception of pizza and wine on Friday nights.  I had already lost 6 pounds by the time I was ready to begin my official Whole30 Jan 17.  

My sleep has improved exponentially.  My skin is clear and bright.  I have more energy.  My athletic performance is so much better.  All my cravings are gone.  When I do really want something, it's real food, and I'm completely satisfied by my meals.  I've been able to cut out snacking.  I am never bloated.  Even though I've been lean, my waist has remained thick (think ruler shape coupled with post-4-babies-belly), so I am super stoked about beginning to develop a slight indent where my waist should be!  I feel confident and proud and am getting lots of questions about what I'm doing and why I look and feel so good.  I'm sharing Whole30 with anybody who will listen!  

I haven't reintroduced anything besides a small glass of wine here and there.  Honestly, there's not much I miss.  I do plan on making my favorite quinoa "pizza" crust this Friday, which in essence just acts as a base for all kinds of on-plan veg/meat ingredients.  I've really enjoyed all the delicious foods I've gotten to try over the past 6 or so weeks and plan to continue incorporating them and more.  My family loves the food too, so win-win!

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Good for you Jaimee

I enjoyed your write up.  My husband and I did our Whole30 this year Jan 2...honestly I didn't think we would make it.  But it got easier as the weeks went on. We are still trying to be compliant, more or less, maybe a little regular Ketchup in our compliant mayo to make Thousand Island dressing!  I lost 7 lbs in the first month and I continue to lose 1/2 pound a week.  Quinoa pizza crust, sounds interesting.   Keep up the good work. 


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