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Jumping In Sunday February 26


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I've gone from 240lbs to 150lbs and now 35 lbs heavier than my ideal of the low side. I work out daily, eat a lot of healthy veggies/fruit but am totally addicted to carbs. Toast with butter, grilled cheese sandwiches, sugar sugar sugar! I quit drinking alcohol 8 years ago and gave myself permission for dessert. Cookies at 9:30 am? Why not? Learn to make the most delicious lemon squares and cheesecake? Hell yes. Not only is my weight out of control, I feel like crap. I can physically feel my body clogged with garbage. 

Every now and then I'll make a meal and know after eating it was exactly what my body needed. I want that every day! 

Ive been making my own sauces and dressings for years and stay away from processed food - unless it's a cupcake. I recently discovered a colleague lost weight and more importantly changed her life for good with Whole30 and she's been inspiring and offered great support. Sharing recipes to get me ready, offering a shoulder if I need to vent. I am lucky. Ive  been spending  time making shopping lists and menu plans. My husband is in too, he'll eat what I make for him, and help with the prep, yay! But it's going to be challenging. 

Saturday is shopping day, Saturday is the prep and fine tuning for the week and off we go on Sunday.

its only 30 days, but I plan to make lifestyle changes in the process. We'll see in 30 days! 

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