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Approved Food and Olio


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I know that eating healthily can be expensive, organic veg isn't cheap.  There is a website called Approved Food - they basically take food (and other stuff) from shops who can't sell it as it's past it's 'best before' date (or sometimes just approaching it), and then sell at it to the public at vastly reduced rates.  Most of the food on there is stuff like chocolates, sweets, biscuits, crisps, fizzy drinks, etc, etc - unhealthy stuff however they do do other stuff, and a few days ago I noticed Coconut Oil was featured on there - what is normally £9 for a tub I got for £3.99 - so I got four of those!  they also had AA and AAA batteries so I got some of those, and some organic coconut energy balls at about 75% off.  You do have to spend £25 minimum order, so you end up ordering a lot, as it's all so cheap, but if you plan it ahead, you can get household stuff too (like toilet roll, kitchen roll, baking parchment, etc, etc).  Not necessarily for everyone (and it's UK based), but a success for me getting that much coconut oil so cheaply.


The other thing is Olio (olioex.com) - a leftover food sharing mobile phone app.  Stuff you've got leftover, still in good condition, you post on the app, and someone nearby who wants it can take it.  great for getting rid of those unwanted bottles of oil, sauce, pasta, rice, etc which is no longer part of your diet on W30 but still perfectly ok for someone else - you won't have to throw it in the bin.

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