I eat too much bacon? - Confused about bacon


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HI all,

Earlier this week, my husband said to me that I was eating too much bacon or so he thought. In a seven day period I might eat up to 150 to 175gr of bacon.

Do you think it's too much?

Also I read on a post here that read something to the effect of you know they are Paleo if they refuse to eat bacon. Not the exact words but it lead me to stress if bacon is not OK and I've been eating it through my whole 30 Cycle #1?

Can any one shed light? Is bacon off limits too?


Confused lol

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Here's what Melissa says in the book ISWF

" While it may be liberating to think bacon is no longer off limits, we still want you to think before you eat it. Bacon is one of those technically ok foods that may still provide enough of a flavour and texture "hit" to lead to over consuption. If you're trying to lose weight and recover from metabolic derangement, use bacon as a condiment rather than your main protein source. (In fact bacon isn't a really dense source of protein for anyone) In addition bacon lovers must take the time to find a pastured, organic source. This is non-negotiable, as factory farmed bacon is perhaps the least healthy cut of meat you can eat."

So, if you can find compliant bacon it's not off limits, just not your best choice. I still use it. I'm lucky there's an organic farmer who supplies a shop in the city, he doesn't use sugar, so I buy from there. I think bacon adds a lovely flavour to a lot of dishes. I also like it chopped up through veggies like green beans and cabbage. I just make sure to always have another protein source with it.

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My take on both the manifesto and the snippit from the book (I quickly breezed past that part too apparently :) ) is this...high quality bacon from a trusted source is fine in moderation. I consider 2 slices of bacon with eggs or another dense source of protein is fine. So, it becomes a condiment or addition to another source of protein. I can't imagine eating a full protein serving of just bacon. As good as it would taste, that would be overkill. I now buy a raw pork belly either from a farm that I also get pastured chickens or from a trusted grocery store. A bunch of us have jumped on that band wagon. Making your own bacon is an absolute blast!

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