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1st time.... Starting Monday Feb 27th.

Tina H

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Also starting Monday! I'm kind of excited. I do find the book a little long and tortuous, but I bought the recipe book also. The thing I will miss the most is my daily cappuccino, so I bought some very nice teas to make up for it.

Hoping to have less joint pain, better lipid profile, and move slowly to a healthier weight!

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It's day 1 for my wife and I, and so far so good. We've had black coffee for her and coffee with coconut milk for me; not bad.

Frittatas for breakfast and protein salad for lunch. Pretty much following the 7 day meal plan from the Whole30 book.

We also made mayonnaise and ranch dressing; so seems like we're off to the races. But I can't believe that my head's actually in a fog. Day 1 and signs of withdrawal already; unbelievable. I'm sure it's not the altered diet though.  I had a brutal headache Tue night and it's been a background ache since then so my current state is probably more to do with that. Who knows?

My wife's just returned with the groceries and we're - actually she's - preparing dinner and I'm observing. You know, just in case she's trying to poison me. Married 29+yrs and never been poisoned yet.

Oh, we're in Calgary and it's 5:30pm.

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