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Boom!! Here we go - Feb 25th and off to the races.


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My wife and I start today so it would be "awesome" to share our 30 day expereince with another / others.

My wife has done a few different diets, most recently Weightwatchers, but I've never been interested in any of those but this "reset" eating program resonated with me so it's great we've agreed to do this together.

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It's day 2.

After a slightly unsettled night the day has begun with a mug of hot water with juice from half a lemon.

Another batch of mayonnaise is being prepared, and a French Press coffee will be served up shortly with coconut milk.


Day 1

My wife and I start today.  We've had black coffee for her and coffee with coconut milk for me; not bad.

Frittatas for breakfast and protein salad for lunch. Pretty much following the 7 day meal plan from the Whole30 book.

We also made mayonnaise and ranch dressing; so seems like we're off to the races. But I can't believe that my head's actually in a fog. Day 1 and signs of withdrawal already; unbelievable. I'm sure it's not the altered diet though.  I had a brutal headache Tue night and it's been a background ache since then so my current state is probably more to do with that. Who knows?

My wife's just returned with the groceries and we're - actually she's - preparing dinner and I'm observing. You know, just in case she's trying to poison me. Married 29+yrs and never been poisoned yet. She's also making a scoby for Kombucha.

Dinner consisted of prefect ground beef / Italian seasoning tomatoe (awesome) / with roasted spaghetti squash. This dish was super popular. All the kids that were home thoroughly enjoyed it and there was even enough to for me to squirrel some away for a lunch next week.

Kicked back with a movie and drank water and a little Kombucha; the end of Day 1 - we're killing this.



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Hi Duncan, Amy C. here and I also started on the 25th.  Interesting to read of your experiences and awesome that you're doing it w your wife.  Today was fine for me except for a dull headache throughout.  I'm still drinking my morning coffee but definitely not as much - without my customary 2-3 spoons of sugar it somehow isn't as enjoyable...at least, not yet.  I started Whole 30 to try to 'reset' my system and get off my intense need for sugar/packaged foods/baked goods, etc.  This feels very drastic compared to the way I have been eating, but in a good way.  Let me know how your week goes....anyone else?

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Hi Amy

Great, somebody else who started Feb 25th. I vaguely remember when I gave up sugar in my coffee (instant coffee mind you). It was lent and after doing without sugar in my coffee I couldn't drink it with sugar at all after that. That was probably about 40yrs ago. Hang in there and in a week or so coffee without sugar will become your new norm.

My plan is to drop the coffee altogether in about 10days. No real reason just think it'll help with the overall "reset".

No fog today, which is an improvement over yesterday. Linda, my wife, and I have spent most of today in the kitchen planning and prepping. 

I have a sweet tooth and my worst time of day is when I get in from work. So let's see what happens week 1.

You can see from my profile we live in Calgary. We're actually from the Uk, Scotland actually, and been in Calgary nearly 13 years.


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It's the end of Day 3. Yeh.  We're nearly there; not!  Remember it's only ONE DAY just another 27 "one days" to go. 

How is every doing? 

Overall I feel pretty good. Felt a little bit hungry ocassionaly but nothing too severe; mild headache, but again nothing too bad.


Started with the usual hot water with juice of half a lemon, and a coffee.For breakfast we used up the remainder of the Italian sauce from yesterday along with sautéed kale and spinach, and perfect fried eggs. Another cup of coffee with coconut milk.

Drinking plenty of water today too. Made two batches of mayonnaise - getting quite good at this - used a fair amount with the tuna for our salad lunch and 1/2 batch for the pepper mayo my wife made to have with our chicken for dinner.

Lunch was a huge tuna salad.  Dinner was roast potatoes, roasted red pepper mayo, baked chicken breast, coleslaw.


The usual hot water with lemon and a coffee with coconut milk. A couple of mini frittatas (actually called paleo ham & egg cups), with leftover coleslaw.

Snacked a bit between breakfast and lunch due to daily work schedule: avocado with garlic mayo / apple with cashew butter.

Lunch was another huge salad; leftover chicken breast and tuna for protein, leftover greens from yesterday's salad.

Drank a reasonable amount of water today too. 

Dinner: slow cooker beef pot roast, sweet potatoes, carrots. 

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Well, think of it this way - 10% of the way through.  No headache for me today, yay!  Day 3 was good for me - eggs for breakfast (made and resisted homemade scones w frosting for the kids), leftover spaghetti squash w tomato sauce for lunch (still good!) and a really good salad for dinner.  I was able to check out the Whole30 cookbook from our library this afternoon and at the registrar the librarian told me that her daughter had recently completed a Whole30 and loved it - felt great and lost a few pant sizes.  So there's our daily inspiration!   It's a great cookbook, if you haven't seen it.   I made a great grilled chicken with mango/cilantro puree to go on top of the salad using the new cookbook.   Having lots of options is always really nice.  I have three young kids who are definitely not doing Whole30, so that makes it extra hard for me.   Our cupboards are loaded with various treats and they're always eating the things I enjoy - grilled cheese, bowls of cereal, yogurt, cookies, etc.


I'm originally from Toronto but living in Connecticut now, a suburb of NYC really.  Never been to Scotland but I'd love to some day.  Closest we came was a week in Killarney, Ireland - so beautiful.

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One more day.

You're doing really well especially if you're baking and handling food you know you're not meant to eat. We have the cookbook too but this week it looks like we're mostly following the 7-Day Meal Plan.

A couple of our kids are joining us on the w30 but I'm not sure how disciplined they're going to be. They've been told they need to determine for themselves why they are doing it so that mum and dad aren't the ones enforcing it. They need to be doing it for themselves. It will be interesting to see how they do (our youngest is 16 and oldest 27; with two in between).

DAY 4 :  developed a headache through the night and needed to take a painkiller. Awoke 4:45am with a headache. Having my morning hot water with lemon, and let's see if my morning coffee eases off the headache. If not I may need another painkiller today. Maybe the headache is because I had only the one coffee yesterday and that was around 5:00am before I went to the gym.  Thinking of going to the gym this morning toom, then I have an all-day workshop.

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I hope your headache cleared up for you  - sounds pretty bad.  I think you have the right attitude with your kids - most important is for them to see you modeling healthy food habits.  This experiment is really driving home just how much needless sugar we consume without even thinking about it.  I'm definitely cooking and prepping a lot more than I was pre-Whole30 but the meals have been fantastic and I haven't felt hungry at all.  Cravings, yes; but not hunger.

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So here we are DAY 8 and I hope you are still doing well. This morning was the first in 5 days I awoke without a headache. Even though the past few days I awoke with a dull ache, after my coffee it was fine and the coffee really energized me for my gym sessions. 

Talking about kids, our not so kid like 25 year old son has seen a noticeable improvement. He suffers from anxiety and depression and is on quite a few med's;  his hands always shake. 5 days in and the hand shake has almost disappeared. This has really motivated him to embrace the program.

Like you my wife is spending a lot of time prepping, but yes the meals are great. When I get in from work there's normally a pile of dishes which the kids are usually fighting over to wash, not!  Thu Lindsa texted me to say she's tired today. I replied 'not surprising as you've spent the last 6 days in the kitchen'.

I've not felt hungry either and the cravings have been minimal. Tue I was at an all day seminar with breakfast, lunch and cocktail reception in the evening. There I was with my cool-box and healthy food choices. It worked our really well. Even the cocktail reception. I just walked around chatting with my water bottle in hand passing up the alcohol and the hors d'oeuvres.  Last night as I left work the desire for red wine floated into my mind, but I just ignored it.

I wonder how much weight we've lost?  Not at all tempted to stand on the weigh scales. I want to get the omg moment after 30days.

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Hey y'all, my husband and I started on Feb 24 :) 

We've felt great, started off strong and now that we're 9 days in feeling like this is very doable! We even ate out! I called ahead to ask about ingredients and we planned ahead what we would order and it was so nice not to spend so much time prepping and cooking. 

Hubs has been dealing with diarrhea but I'm 99% sure it's a parasite. We just got back from traveling and I had one also. But we're going this week to get tested so hopefully that'll clear up. 

My only complaint so far is that it is expensive! I followed a 7 day meal plan/grocery list from Good Cheap Eats (ha!) and the grocery bill was nearly $200 more than normal. Ugh. I made my own meal plan and list this week so we'll see how that goes. 

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Likewise, my wife and I feel similarly; this is doable. The only times that I've deviated from acceptable food choices is in my dreams, which is really weird, and a little troubling.

That's the price of good health.  Expensive, but worth it in the long run. We hit a couple of farmers markets today and with an extension to the mortgage we should just about scrape by. Eye on the prize.

I hope your husband gets to the bottom of what's causing his diarrhea, no pun intended. Well only a little bit. Where did you travel to? 

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DAY 9: starting as many others have, but without the headache. 2 days in a row, great. Off to the gym for a couple of hours and back home for my coffee; now taking it 50% decaf. 

Breakfast consisted of leftover frittata from yesterday (my son made it Fri night for him and his siblings to take skiing with them, but they didn't eat much of it at all), with homemade pork sausage - followed by hashbrowns and a fried egg. That should last a few hours.

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