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Monday Feb 27 start - round 2


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Posting here to try and keep myself accountable as I start my 2nd Whole30 journey.  I completed my first Whole30 in January. The community of other Whole30'ers was a huge part of my success.

However, I did not slay my sugar dragon and know that I need to do this again to get a better relationship with food. I am hoping that this second round can implement some lifelong habits for me. I really struggle with snacking and mindless eating. My start date for round two is 2/27. I am a bit afraid that the novelty will wear off quickly and that I won't make it 30 days. But I know that I just need to keep the bigger picture in mind.

Shout out of thanks for the support and encouragement I see here on these forums!


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Hi @wyomingworried,

so happy to have a partner in crime for the next 30 days! One thing that helped me in January was journaling a few sentences every day. I take the train to work every day so I would write a few sentences in the morning (usually about how determined I was going to be that day :-) ) and then a few sentences on my ride home about how the day actually went. It helped me put my feelings down on paper and at the end of 30 days I could go back and see my non- scale victories. I may log my food on the FoodLog forum to continue that accountability in a more public arena.

also make sure you food prep! It is so key to your success.

One thing...I never felt the "tiger blood" and almost gave up around day 25 because of it. But I figured that I made it that far so I wanted to see it to the end. my skin was so great and I really felt lighter and freer last round. Even though I didn't get a magic moment I still believe in the process. 

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Wish you you the best of luck!

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