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Day 31; 2 questions


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I successfully made it to day 31 on my first whole 30.  I have a number of NSV, but do not think my tiger blood is roaring as strong as I would like it to be and I'm still not sleeping thru the night. But is is SO much better than before.   I ran into two people I hadn't seen in about 3 weeks yesterday and they both said how fabulous I looked and what had I been doing.   I am very encouraged that I am heading in the right direction and nurishing my body with Whole Foods makes so much sense.  I lost 5 pounds and 2% body fat.  When I've evaluated my food log against the template,  I had too many servings of fruit.  3-5 vs recommended 0-2.  The fruit did not awaken my sugar dragon.  She is asleep, Now for my 2 questions.

1.  Should I reintroduce now or add on another 15-30 days?  I would like to lose another 15 ish pounds, sleep thru the night and increase energy levels, eventually.  Another option I thought about is only introducing "worth it" food when it crosses my path in the next 30-60 days and then do a full reintroduction.  

2.  Did the fact I had  too many servings of fruit impact my weight loss, sleep and energy.  I know everyone's body is different.  I do power yoga 6 days a week.  And ride my horse 5 days a week.  I'm 55 if that matters. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Reintroduction is much harder than the first 30 days.  

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It's really up to you whether you do reintroductions now or plan them for later or just do more of a slow roll reintroduction. (If you need a refresher of how the reintroductions work, that information is here, and at the bottom of that article is a link to the slow roll explanation.) Personally, I would go ahead and plan out reintroductions, whether you start them now or 15 days from now. Just think of it as a part of Whole30, just with a slight change in rules. Once you've done your reintroductions, you'll have more data about how you feel if you have wheat or dairy, and then you can use that information to help you decide when things are really worth it moving forward.

As for how the fruit might have impacted things -- it might have, but no one can really tell you to what extent it did. Maybe you'd have lost a lot more weight, or a little more weight, or exactly the same amount -- we don't really know. The only way to know, is to cut back on the fruit and see how you feel.

Energy-wise, be sure you're doing a post-WO meal after your yoga (if you were doing gentle yoga, just some stretching and meditation, this might not be necessary, but power yoga is more intense). Have a few bites of lean protein immediately afterward and possibly a bit of starchy vegetable like sweet potato, potato, butternut squash. This is in addition to your regular meals. This article explains more about that.

Sleep-wise, some people find that if they have a serving of starchy vegetable with their last meal of the day, they sleep better. Also be sure you're practicing good sleep hygiene.


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