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Mint tea and nausea?


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Every so often pre whole30 I got nausea in the late afternoon, which im pretty sure was due to dairy. I'm on day 24 and it happened today seemingly after drinking some mint tea. Has anyone else had that happen?

In case that wasn't it, here's a run down of my afternoon with a few side notes, I'm a nursing mom so I eat an extra meal, and today was a big cooking day so I was in the kitchen for hours and tried most things I put together.

1230 lunch- meatballs, marinara, zoodles 

230- fruit/ granola bowl- a few slices of pineapple, 2 strawberries, blueberries, 2 tbs of almond butter, handful dried coconut, closed palm full of walnuts

While cooking (between 130 and 4) had a bite of: chicken with spices, cauliflower roasted, brussel sprout, tuna, hot dog, olive (kids snack ;)

430 mint tea

5 started feeling nauseous and it continued until 730. 

Thanks in advance!

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Any chance any of the food you had a bite of be bad?  Or the combo of things - tuna, hot dog, and chicken at the same time, for instance.  (I really liike pickles, but my body doesn't necessarily love pickles with every possible combo of food.)

On a tea note, I love, love, love mint teas.  I once tried a green matcha mint tea for the first time.  (Matcha seems to be a finely ground green tea powder.)  I felt like the world was spinning and I couldn't move my legs with much control for like 15 minutes.  It was super weird and scary - I've never felt anything like it before.  I can't definitely say it was the tea, but I have avoided matcha tea ever since.  (And I've never had a repeat incident.)

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Maybe, Im definitely leaning toward the wierd combo of everything then the tea on top of that. I haven't had hot dogs in forever, and while it was only 1/4 or less, my tummy probably wasn't happy with that. 

Thank you! 

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