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Bloodwork results after 30 days


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I just got the result from my bloodwork and I have some improvements to report!

  • TTL Cholersterol: 159 --> 171 
    • HDL (GOOD) Cholesterol 67 --> 72, Cholesterol/HDL ratio 2.4, LDL (would like to bring this back down by continuing to improve my food choices) 81 --> 97
  • Hemogloblin A1c (glucose for the past 2-3 months) 5.4 (this is a new measure this year so no benchmark)
  • Waist Circumference +1 inch :( (this one is weird because I feel leaner than ever before.  Maybe I sucked in harder last year???)
  • Weight -6lbs :) 
  • BMI 23.2 --> 21.5 :)
  • Blood Pressure: 117/82 --> 112/81

Now that I'm ready to embark on to the reintroduction phase and have data to look at I want to work on reducing the LDL by increasing more good fats, fish with Omega 3's  and soluble fiber (looking forward to my savory Coach's Oats oatmeal for breakfast).


I can't wait to show the results to my husband and hopefully it will encourage him to make some changes as he has some concerning numbers.

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