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First Whole30 Starting March 1st


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Starting my first Whole30 tomorrow (March 1st)

I have attempted to start Whole30 in the past but I have always come up with some stupid excuse (usually involving my need to have one more glass of wine and umpteen slices of cheese or I will fade away and not make it through the week ) not to start. I have committed this time as I am sick of feel sick all the time! I am feeling slightly anxious as I live with my in-laws, they are not the "hippy", "cave man", "new aged" kind of food people that I am (there words not mine btw). My MIL likes to eat from a packet because it’s convenient, they have margarine, Gravy is a must when eating anytime we eat meat (that’s every night btw) and fat is the enemy. I am hoping that I may be able to change their ideas about my hippy ways, but if I cant that’s ok too because hey they are old and stubborn and I have better things to worry about. 

I am hoping that this Whole30 will help me to heal my negative feels towards myself and to help me develop the skills needed to nourish my body with the right foods. I am also Hoping to achieve some "Non Scale" Victories such as

  • No more under eye circles - I have the definition of Panda eyes!!!
  • Being happier, more outgoing, more loving and less depresses because right now I am a moody B*tch with a very unimpressed husband
  • Improved quality and amount of sleep, this may help with the Panda eyes too!!!
  • Less snoring - again I have a very unimpressed husband that is ready to smoother me with my own pillow
  • Fewer seasonal allergies, so sick of sneezing uncontrollably and spending a sh*t load of money on fancy aloe vera filled 3 ply tissues.

Also looking forward to (hopefully) losing some weight, this is not the major goal but it would be an amazing added bonus.

It would be great to be able to meet some people along the way, I have lost a lot of confidence over the past couple of years due to my anxiety and weight gain, therefore  I do not have a lot of people who I can call a friend. 

I look forward to being a part of the Whole30 community! 

You can follow my journey on instagram - the.wellness.mentality :)

Emma xx

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