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Whole30 Lent Week 1 meal plan - veterans, please help this newbie!! :)

Marie Fong

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Hiiiii! I'm a college student who is embarking on Whole30 as a detox for my body and spirit during Lent soooo starting tomorrow! This will be my first (but hopefully not last) time doing whole30, and I would love feedback on my first week meal plan -- bigger meals? different ingredients? seasonings not included in description btw! thank ya :)

Whole 30 week 1.pdf

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Hey there;

Good job with the planning!

I note that half your lunches and most of your dinners don't have any added fat listed.

As far as snacking, your goal is to make your meals last 4-5 hours to not need any snacks.  While your'e getting there, if you need snacks, a mini meal of protein and fat and ideally veggies is better.  Lara bars are for emergencies only and if you can make a meal plan then it's not an emergency.  We also recommend limiting nuts and nut butters due to their poor fat ratio and their ability to be gut disruptive and food without brakes.

You also don't mention portion sizes, so are you making your meals based on the template?  How much veg is in the egg casserole... my guess is less than a cup in a serving (and that's being generous).  we want a plate full of veggies along with the protein and fat.  And make sure if you're eating the egg casserole and it doesn't have other protein in it, that you're having enough of the casserole to equal as many eggs as you can hold in one hand without dropping.  Most people start at 3-4.

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