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Grape Must in Vinegar? Yea or Nay?


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Real quick - I have been very light on vinegar anyway, and have been bouncing back and forth between Apple Cider Vinegar and Balsamic. I checked a new bottle of Balsamic that I bought the other day, and it has "Grape Must" in it.

I know that this is a sweetener (thank you Wikipedia/Google), but I'm simply trying to figure out if it's W30 approved to have Grape Must in your vinegar.

I did look in the forums, but didn't really find anything specifically relating to Grape Must and a definitive answer as to whether or not it's allowed or not.

Thanks in advance!

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On 10/25/2012 at 4:25 PM, Ro-Ro said:

Thanks a ton Renee... good stuff. I had a minor freakout thinking that I might have messed up. I'm trying to do everything right.

I appreciate your help!

Ha! Me too!! This was already a long week by last night (Tuesday), and I was running all over today and stopped at the Mariano's salad bar for dinner. I was hungry, irritated that all my preferred dressings were off-plan -- including the bloody balsamic! -- so I splashed some of the white vinegar on the salad without checking the label. I went back to check the ingredients later, and about smashed the bottle when I saw that it "contained sulfites," because I thought I'd have to start over again, after ALREADY having to start over once before (7 days prior) because I hadn't read about maltodextrin yet and put it in my triple batch of Whole30 recipe chili.

Whew!! Very relieved :) 

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