Ate out and suspect noncompliant ingredient added

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I ate dinner at a restaurant last night that states they cater to differing food needs (celiacs, paleo, etc) and I thought sweet, this is the perfect spot. I asked a million questions and it turns out they had a binder with a list of the ingrediets for every item on their menu. I chose a plate that came with a salad. I specified that I could not have cheese and asked for my salad with greens only and a dressing on the side (ingredients were stated compliant). I sat down with my food and was chatting with the friend I was meeting and took a bite of the salad and realized mid chew that it was coated in dressing and cheese! I spit it out immediately (didn't swallow any). But after that, even though they switched the salad for me, I was weary of everything I was eating. 

This morning I felt fine, but around 4 I started feeling bloated and by 6 I had a stomach ache and more bloating and gas. I also have this neck rash/ bumpy acne back again that hasn't really flared since starting w30. Is that too delayed to be caused by the dinner last night, or does it sound like it is the culprit? I didn't eat anything today that would have caused much upset and haven't had a stomach ache like that since before w30.

I'm on day 28 and super frustrated.

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Wanted to add an update/ further confusion-

My bloating continued and I had a stomach ache throughout the day. Bloating and gas increased this evening as well as stomach upset. However, last night I made (delicious) beef and bacon burgers for dinner. They had quite a bit of bacon mixed in, and my stomach is use to both beef and bacon, but I wonder if perhaps that combo and the fact that the burger was large might have played a role in all of the continued stomach upset. My belly is obviously distended and so uncomfortable, I haven't felt this way at all on w30, so I keep thinking is must have been a noncompliant food at that restaurant. 

Sorry for the super long posts!

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Is there anything other than the salad that you're eating that you normally wouldn't, or something you've eaten a lot more of in the last few days than normal?

It could be something in the salad, but if you only had the one bite, and spit most of it out, that seems unlikely, unless there truly was something else you didn't know about in the replacement salad.

Bloating and gas can come from certain types of vegetables. Cruciferous ones like broccoli, kale, cauliflower, or brussel sprouts are pretty common culprits, and I know for myself I can eat some of any of those and be fine, but if I eat a bunch of them, or eat them raw, sometimes I get painfully bloated and gassy. If you've eaten a lot more of those, maybe that's it. Or raw vegetables of any type in general, if you eat more of them than you're used to. Or for some people nightshades or FODMAPS can cause issues. If you look at any of those and think, hey, I really have been eating a lot more of those lately, maybe cut them out for a few days and see if that helps, and then when you go back to them, really watch how much you have.


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