Greek Yogurt?


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I have completed the whole 30 and am nearly done with re-introduction.  No problems so far!

I typically eat eggs, kale, and sweet potato for breakfast.  For fat, I add coconut milk to my coffee, and slice half an avocado.  Post Whole-30, I would like to add greek yogurt back in occasionally for breakfast.  I make my own from whole milk, so there is no added sugar or anything gross in it.  

My question is- which part of my breakfast does greek yogurt replace?  I feel like it would replace the eggs for sure (protein).  What about the added fat?  Can/does/should it count for both?

Any thoughts appreciated!


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You need to experiment with yourself... add the yogurt, remove something else if you like and then see what happens...are you able to go 4-5 hours between meals without snacking?  Do you feel full?  Are you hungrier sooner or craving more?  Adding food back and learning to make your own plate that works for you is part of the experiment of one that the Whole30 starts and now you're on to the next chapter... it's okay to test, tweak and change things until you figure out what works for you.  Personally for me, yogurt is too close to liquid food for me...

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