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So far the results are not encouraging

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Today was my third reintroduction. 1st was alcohol, 2nd was non gluten grains, 3rd is dairy. Alcohol made my stomach hurt and gave me horrible heartburn for 2 days. Non gluten grains made me gassy which I could live with but I woke up with a headache the next day and my joints hurt. Dairy has made my stomach hurt and given me a headache as well. I think I am done with reintroduction for now. I am going back to Whole30 eating until I leave. At least then my gut and head will be in the best shape possible.  I am going to Mexico next week and am going to try and stay away from as many of these things as possible but I know I will have some. I guess at least I know what I'll be in for. It will make it easier to decide if it is worth it. So, I guess reintroduction has been a success. I can't wait to get back from Mexico and get back on program. Not ready to lose the training wheels just yet. 

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